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Secondary Level-High School

Timber Economies

Through playing Timber students learn first hand about the tragedy of the commons, technological innovation, the need to create a social contract, incentives, and sustainable natural resource use.

Civil Rights: More than a Bus and a Dream

This exploration of Civil Rights leaders beyond Dr. King enables critical evaluation of leadership and its challenges. Teachers will leave with a great multi-day, standards-based lesson and an all-inclusive DVD.

Seeds of Inquiry: Engaging Students with World History Content

Learn to plant seeds of inquiry in World History! As entry points into the past, short texts reveal enough content to capture interest, jumpstart inquiry, and cultivate new learning pathways.

Says Who? Teaching Students to Evaluate Multiple Historical Truths

Participants will engage in a historical thinking activity that aligns to the shifts in Social Studies with emphasis to the evaluation of evidence and we will experience engaging best practices!

Finding a Balance: Building a Well-Rounded AP Course

Are we teaching college level courses or helping students pass a rigorous vocabulary test? This session will provide new AP teachers with the tools to meet that balance.

Stealing the Science Fair: How to Dominate the Common Core

This presentation will discuss a district created curriculum designed for the Common Core State Standards. Participants will learn to transform their classrooms to meet the demands of the Common Core.

Project-Based Learning: Using Children's Books to Teach Psychology

Using children's books to teach various aspects, theories and topics in Psychology. All participants will receive a free lesson, project rubric and student samples.

Israel Comes to Ferguson: Anti-Bias Classrooms and Circus Rings

Unpack Teaching Tolerance's Anti-bias Framework through videos and stories of kids in a global circus. Discover how circus kids who swing from the rafters enable prejudice reduction and collective action.

You've Got Issues...You Just Didn't Know it!

Participants will learn how to issue-ize their existing instructional units in American History and World History by applying an issues-centered focus to increase student engagement, understanding and responsibility.

Resistance as Social Responsibility

During the Holocaust, Jews demonstrated various forms of resistance in an effort to save their lives and their culture. We will explore engaging new ways to teach students about resistance.


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