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Secondary Level-High School

Using Election Issues to Teach Civic Participation

Elections present an opportunity to learn about issues and candidates, participate in caucuses and debates, and exercise social responsibility and VOTE. Learn tactics to teach elections and increase voter education.

Casing History: Student Analysis of Significant Court Cases in History

Casing History transforms legal history into dynamic opportunities for student analysis of critical Supreme Court decisions; these court cases directed the course of America's history.

Exploring Student Activism through History -- The 1960s

Student activism in the 1960s resulted in lasting change that helped shape contemporary society. This session explores three student-led movements to expand education as well as specific learning strategies.

Pondering the Progressives

Analyzing the key players, reforms efforts, and court cases of the Progressive Era will illuminate the role this period has played in helping shape the United States today.

Real World History: Creating and Leading an Applied History Course

Join the students, course instructor, and museum staff involved in an innovative high school applied history course created and led by Center for Inspired Teaching in Washington, DC.

The Pen and the Sword: Elevating Student Writing in History

Re-imagine the writing process to create a framework for thesis-driven essays that include four key techniques to marry evidence with analysis, greatly improving student writing in both cogency and effectiveness.

Practical Differentiation and Alignment to CCSS, C3 by/for Teachers

Work with practicing, seasoned New York City teachers to rework common resources to be more aligned with Common Core and C3 standards as well as 21st century skills for students.

The National Atlas of Korea: Broad Resources for Social Studies

This poster showcases the new National Atlas of Korea, a monumental publication with broad resources for facts and statistics teachers can adopt for teaching social sciences for East Asia topics.

Eyewitness to History: Madison Washington's Successful Slave Revolt

Students have heard of Prosser's Rebellion, Denmark Vessey, and Nat Turner. But have they heard of Madison Washington and the Creole Revolt? No? Then they should!

Preparing for College and Beyond: Free Tools from PBS's POV

POV presents free lesson plans and tools for college and career prep using All the Difference, a documentary following two young African-American men from Chicago through high school and college.


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