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Secondary Level-High School

Research Strategies for Teachers Who (Think They) Hate Research Projects

This presentation focuses on effective research strategies presented in the form of a ready-to-go project idea for high school U.S. history teachers.

Human Rights & History: Teaching with Comics, Simulations, and Documents

Interactive session demonstrating effective methods to engage students in the study of human rights. Includes employing and creating comic books/strips, written debates, webquests,oral histories, and simulations. Handouts provided.

Honoring Veterans as a District and a Community

District 117 in Northern Illinois has found a way to honor veterans and connect the community to the school. Find out how your district can create a similar event.

Continuity and Change over Time: Testing in South Carolina

Teachers often call review meetings for statewide assessments the best professional development ever. Using South Carolina's award-winning programs as an example, learn how assessment design can improve your instruction.

Simulations in the High School Economics Classroom

Presenters will give audience members several examples of high quality simulations for use in any high school (and Junior High) classroom to help economics come alive and deepen student's understanding.

AP Economics: Going beyond Classroom Instruction

We have created a free AP Econ website with instructional videos on Micro and Macro topics using astandards-based framework. Use to aid students in their quest for a 5.

The Voting Rights Act at 50 and Contemporary Voting Rights

On the eve of the first 2016 presidential primary, this session commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act by focusing on contemporary voting issues through a federalism lens.

From Reflection to Action: Developing Civic Responsibility and Agency

In this interactive workshop, Facing History and Ourselves and Mikva Challenge will explore engaging students in the power to create change aligned to the Inquiry and Action dimension of C3.

Marketing Liberty: Four Freedoms, Primary Sources and Visual Literacy

Learn how students can investigate FDR's effort to redefine and market U.S. freedoms, visually analyze Rockwell's Four Freedoms' paintings and how Eleanor embedded them in UN Declaration of Human Rights.

Launched: A Budgeting Unit to Help Students Leave the Nest

Teacher created personal finance budgeting program helping students budget for their first year of living on their own. Participate in sample activities and receive materials to use in classrooms. BYOD


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