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Secondary Level-High School

Racism in America: It's Not Just Black and White

Who was the first Asian elected to Congress? Why is this important? Film and discussion about the life of Dalip Singh Saund and his journey while living the American dream.

Celebrating Social Responsibility through Cinema and Character Education

This session will discuss how to explore the theme of social responsibility through character education and the critical analysis of film. Handouts and resources will be provided to all participants.

Competing Visions of Human Rights: Questions for U.S. Foreign Policy

What should U.S policy be regarding Human Rights? Let your students decide by analyzing primary sources, evaluating multiple perspectives, and reviewing cases to develop their own view. Choices curriculum provided.

Teach AP Economics? You Do Have Time for Projects!

AP Microeconomics students learn from experiential learning. Bake sales for charity and a SharkTank with business owners connect students and the community. Principles include: S&D, incentives, costs, firm behavior, entrepreneurship.

Those Other Constitutional Rights: Articles I-VII

The 27 amendments are not the only constitutional guarantees for Americans' rights. In this session, James Madison Fellows will present lessons about the individual rights protected in Articles I-VII.

The U.S. in Vietnam: Lessons Learned?

The Vietnam War remains a central reference point for U.S. decision makers. Explore ten lessons in the Choices Vietnam curriculum (provided) while also evaluating and analyzing lessons learned.

Connecting Estonia's Singing Revolution to Events in Ferguson & Beyond

Students benefit from explicit instruction of literacy and content strategies while comparing and contrasting Estonia's Singing Revolution to connecting events starting in Ferguson, MO in a primary source rich lesson.

California Democracy Schools: A National Model for Institutionalizing Civic Learning

How do we change the system to ensure ALL students engage in high quality civic learning? The California Democracy School Initiative provides an innovative, strategic approach to achieve this goal.

The Interview that Gets You the Social Studies Job

An NCSS perennial returns! Two NCSS past presidents and former high school administrators conduct a reality show: they ask audience volunteers to answer questions they actually used to hire teachers.

Heroism, Horror Humanity of War: Analyzing Public Commemorations across History

Learn how students investigated memorials as a form of public history and a window into how people of the past commemorated war.


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