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Secondary Level-High School

ELLs in the Social Studies: Eight Strategies that Improve Instruction

English Language Learners (ELLs) are a growing demographic with specific educational and linguistic needs. Our workshop reviews eight essential strategies that social studies teachers can use to improve their instruction.

Contesting Conquest: Human Rights Struggles in Latin America

This session is devoted to developing historical thinking skills through primary and secondary source analysis by examining examples of resistance to diverse forms of conquest from colonialism to the present.

Teenage Voices during the Holocaust: Beyond Anne Frank and Night

What did teenagers have to say about hiding in public, life in the ghetto, or life on the run? Discover how young people's diaries can enhance Holocaust education.

Uncovering Slavery and Freedom Stories: Using Primary-Source Freedom Petitions

Learn about the tradition of suing for freedom used by Dred Scott and others, explore a free primary source collection, and take home a versatile activity idea.

Apple, Nike, Gap on Trial! Deliberating the Global Sweatshop Paradox

Engage students with the multimedia primary source materials necessary to conduct a challenging mock trial simulation featuring the historic and current global labor conditions of Apple, Nike, and Gap.

AP Economics: Using the C3 Framework for Updates and Boosting Scores

New engaging active lessons from the Council for Economic Education emphasizing an economic way of thinking. Raise your teaching know-how preparing students for AP tests and C3 frameworks aligned online to the new standards.

Flipped Classroom Tools for Teaching Monetary and Fiscal Policy

Pressed for time when teaching monetary and fiscal policy? Examine and review two free standards-based online courses your students can do inside or outside the classroom with pre-tests and post-tests.

Heightening Visual Literacy: Using Art as Text in U.S. History

Love that image? Not sure how to use it? Need something to make a text-heavy lesson POP? This presentation demonstrates and provides materials for incorporating visual literacy in your classroom.

Love Thy Neighbor? The Holocaust and Social Responsibility

Using the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum's resources, this workshop incorporates historical literacy, inquiry, and discussion models to examine pressures and motivations that impacted social responsibility during the Holocaust.

Raising Your Voice in Class: Spoken Word for Social Change

Spoken word poetry creates an outlet for students to address controversial issues in an engaging way. Attendees will gain knowledge of how to incorporate this pedagogical practice into their classroom.


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