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Secondary Level-High School

Flipped Classroom Tools for Teaching Monetary and Fiscal Policy

Pressed for time when teaching monetary and fiscal policy? Examine and review two free Standards-based online courses your students can do inside or outside the classroom with pre-tests and post-tests.

Teenage Voices during the Holocaust: Beyond Anne Frank and Night

What did teenagers have to say about hiding in public, life in the ghetto, or life on the run? Discover how young peoples' diaries can enhance Holocaust education.

The National Atlas of Korea: Broad Resources for Social Studies

This poster showcases the new National Atlas of Korea, a monumental publication with broad resources for facts and statistics teachers can adopt for teaching social sciences for East Asia topics.

Eyewitness to History: Madison Washington's Successful Slave Revolt

Students have heard of Prosser's Rebellion, Denmark Vessey, and Nat Turner. But have they heard of Madison Washington and the Creole Revolt? No? Then they should!

Preparing for College and Beyond: Free Tools from PBS's POV

POV presents free lesson plans and tools for college and career prep using All the Difference, a documentary following two young African-American men from Chicago through high school and college.

Tough Stuff of History: New Orleans & Domestic Slave Trade

This clinic will focus on human rights and teaching controversy utilizing Purchased Lives an exhibit on the domestic slave trade, related teacher workshops, lesson plans, field trips and educational programs.

Love Thy Neighbor?: The Holocaust and Social Responsibility

Using the US Holocaust Memorial Museum's resources, this workshop incorporates historical literacy, inquiry, and discussion models to examine pressures and motivations that impacted social responsibility during the Holocaust.

Artist as Activist: Teaching Ai Wei Wei

Ai Wei Wei is both artist and activist - how has he impacted understandings of human rights? We'll discuss how to incorporate exhibits, documentaries, and tweets in the classroom.

Incredible Korea and Your Classroom

Participants will obtain lessons plans for Advanced Placement Human Geography derived from the new National Atlas of Korea pertaining to demographics, urbanization, agriculture, migration, economics, politics, and global commerce.

Apple, Nike, Gap on Trial! Deliberating the Global Sweatshop Paradox

Engage students with the complete multimedia primary source materials necessary to conduct a challenging mock trial simulation featuring the historic and current global labor conditions of Apple, Nike, and Gap.


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