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Secondary Level-High School

Teaching the History of Women in the Workforce

The 20th Century saw major changes in the roles women play in the U.S. workforce. This session will include two lessons and data for teaching women in the labor force.

Wish Your Students Had Inquiring Minds: Try Question Quads!

Teach great question creation with this text-based strategy that facilitates inquiry, analysis, and rigorous discussion of complex text. Ensure that every student engages peers with thoughtful, deep and relevant questions.

Same History, New iPads: A New Story for Student Success

This session illustrates how the effective use of iPads transforms students into engaged learners while meeting content targets. Student examples, testimonials and rubrics and included.

Island in Transition: How Cuba's Past Will Influence its Future

This interactive presentation examines strategies for teaching the evolution of U.S./Cuba relations as chronicled by Cuban-American voices. Participants will use a method for analyzing narratives aligned with the C3 framework.

Genius Hour: Creating a Love for Learning

Incorporate Genius Hour into your curriculum. See how it aligns with both C3 and CCSS and allows students to rediscover a love for learning. See how creativity transforms your classroom.

Sustainability: The Importance of Intergeneration Equity

Living in today's world is the easy part. Leaving a sustainable world for future generations is a challenge. Learn how to leave a legacy, while maintaining intergenerational equity.

Best of Both Worlds: Combining American and Korean Learning Styles

American and Korean teaching styles differ widely, yet each can learn valuable lessons from the other. This will truly combine the best of both worlds!

Indigenous Rights: Teaching Global Citizenship and Sustainability

Explore indigenous identity through environmental activism from Guatemala to Louisiana. Native Kaqchikel Maya educator and local Louisiana teachers share innovative strategies to teaching global citizenship in the high school classroom.

Commemorate Social Justice: Bipartisanship and the ADA!

Celebrate the 25th anniversary of the ADA which sought to end unjustified segregation and exclusion to people with disabilities. Learn to further the legacy of the ADA in your hometown!

New Orleans, Gateway to the Americas: Trade, History & Globalization

This interactive workshop explores relationships between the U.S./Mexico through port city New Orleans. Participants engage with resources from the Federal Reserve Bank and Tulane University's Center for Latin American Studies.


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