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Secondary Level-High School

Food Deserts to Ebola Outbreaks: The Geography of Health Advocacy

From the 2014 Ebola Outbreak to local disparities in Life Expectancy Rates - this session will share tools, case studies, activities and assessments utilized in Geography rooted in Health Advocacy.

Sociology Standards Domain 2: Social Structure: Culture, Institutions, and Society

Second session in four-part symposium. This domain introduces students to the core concepts of social structure that sociologists use to explain human behavior--and the interplay between them.

Sociology Standards Domain 4: Stratification and Inequality

Fourth session in a four-part symposium. This domain centers on how students can scrutinize how their socialization and group memberships affect their life chances through processes of stratification and inequality.

The Document Blitz: Using Primary Sources to Enhance Lesson Design

Students often struggle to appropriately use primary documents. This session uses numerous primary documents to help students analyze an historical event. Provides an example teaching strategy for educator use.

How Will We Feed the World?

This workshop will explore classroom-tested participatory activities about the global small farmers movement, La Via Campesina, designed to get students thinking about hunger food, farming, and justice.

Exploring Social Responsiblity through Online Maps

Free online map resources provide student investigations of real world problems. Inquiry of primary soure data yields understanding of social responsiblity through a geographic lens throughout diverse social studies disciplines.

Sociology Standards Domain 1: Sociological Perspective and Methods of Inquiry

First session in four-part symposium. This domain introduces students to the study of sociology, focusing on its methods of research and what distinguishes it from other social sciences.

Global Citizenship though Project Based Learning

Global citizenship is achieved when students are challenged in a way that is woven into their social science courses . Learn how to engage the next generation of global leaders.

Sociology Standards Domain 3: Social Relationships: Self, Groups, and Socialization

Third part in four-part symposium. This domain focuses on how students need to understand their social context to really understand themselves, and learning about the process of socialization.

Making the Invisible Visible: Using Video Case Analysis for Collaborative Professional Learning

Participants will develop a plan for using video resources as basis for collaborative professional learning. Facilitators will use their experiences with video to make unobservable parts of classroom practice visible.


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