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Secondary Level-High School

History Wars: Two Museums, One Man- MacArthur in Japan

Using historical thinking skills, this session compares the approaches by a U.S. and a Japanese museum to explore General Douglas MacArthur's role in World War II, the Pacific War, and peacetime Japan.

Learning through Service: A Model for Preserving Local History

This presentation explores the intersection between volunteer service, local history and experiential learning through a model and case study involving preservation of a colonial era home of significant historical interest.

Teaching Adolescents with Learning Disabilities to Write Historical Arguments

Learn about a specific cognitive apprenticeship model to teach struggling writers how to compose historical arguments from primary sources. Student tools and grading suggestions are shared in this interactive session.

Teacher's Guide: The C3 Framework and the Civil Rights Movement

Using primary sources, presenters will demonstrate how to evaluate sources, use evidence, and communicate conclusions regarding the question: What is the timing of the civil rights movement?

A Multimedia Approach to Understanding Economic Growth

Use multimedia resources to teach students to distinguish between short-run economic fluctuations and long-run economic growth. Examine the impact of policy decisions and technological innovations on long-run economic growth.

Civic Education 2.0: Critical Media Literacy in the Social Studies Classroom

This session examines the role of media literacy in preparing students for engaged, socially responsible, democratic citizenship by making civic education relevant and meaningful in an increasingly digitized world.

History Goes to the Movies: Educating Youth with Film

By attending this presentation, you will learn how to incorporate unorthodox popular films into lessons associated with American History. Learn how to use films like "Forrest Gump" in lessons.

If These Walls Could Talk: Maximize your Classroom's Instructional Potential

Tired of the same old bulletin boards and classroom decorations? Gain innovative, practical strategies for utilizing classroom space to enhance your students' historical thinking skills and supplement your content.

Engaging Your Students With... Science!?

Bring the Age of Reason to life with non-Newtonian fluids. Use ping pong balls to save Chernobyl. Teach students about zombies and the plague! Materials provided in this interactive presentation.

Teaching Human Population with Cartograms

Discover a new World Population Map and lesson plan to help students understand population distribution, land use, global demographics and quality of life indicators in this hands-on workshop.


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