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Secondary Level-High School

History Goes to the Movies: Educating Youth with Film

By attending this presentation, you will learn how to incorporate unorthodox popular films into lessons associated with American History. Learn how to use films like "Forrest Gump" in lessons.

If These Walls Could Talk: Maximize your Classroom's Instructional Potential

Tired of the same old bulletin boards and classroom decorations? Gain innovative, practical strategies for utilizing classroom space to enhance your students' historical thinking skills and supplement your content.

Engaging Your Students With... Science!?

Bring the Age of Reason to life with non-Newtonian fluids. Use ping pong balls to save Chernobyl. Teach students about zombies and the plague! Materials provided in this interactive presentation.

Teaching Human Population with Cartograms

Discover a new World Population Map and lesson plan to help students understand population distribution, land use, global demographics and quality of life indicators in this hands-on workshop.

Developing Historical Thinkers with American Art

How can American art help students think like historians? Explore strategies for reading artwork as a document, and learn how analyzing art promotes critical thinking, evidence-based reasoning, and historical engagement.

Celebrate Social Studies with Music: The Hot 100+ Song Activities

Experience classroom music and media activities to help diverse students apply social studies concepts, evaluate sources, and communicate conclusions to become socially responsible citizens. Packets provide 100+ ready-to-use activities.

Truth without Trauma: Exploring Local History Safely

History is embedded in streets, buildings and monuments; sometimes, civic artifacts reflect a racist past. Leverage local history--safely--by exploring profiles and practices that promote learning and protect students.

Back to the Future: Bringing the 1980's into the Present

A presentation that examines how to enable millennial students to make connections between their modern world and the 1980's, in which that world was shaped.

A Likely Alliance: Teaching Holocaust History with your Librarian

Enlist your librarian when teaching the history of the Holocaust. Using primary sources, video clips and hands-on lessons, this session offers excellent ideas that can be initiated now.

Break Down your Classroom Walls with National Parks!

A small high school partnered with a National Park to create sustainable, innovative projects for students and adults alike. This session describes that process and how you can too.


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