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Secondary Level-High School

A Technology Town Hall for Social Studies Teachers

Join the NCSS Technology Community in a town hall meeting to promote socially responsible and educative uses of digital resources. Leave with ideas, recommended technology tools, and connections to colleagues!

Purpose Matters: Rationale Development as a Platform for Differentiated Instruction

Rationale development has been well-outlined as a strategy for teacher development. In this presentation, rationale development as a platform for differentiated instruction in K-12 classrooms will be explored.

Liberty and Security: Twenty-First Century Challenges

Participants explore two free classroom-tested Bill of Rights Institute lessons that help students trace the USA-PATRIOT Act and due process protections since 2001.

Human Rights and the Social Studies: Perfect Together

Emphasizing human rights study in social studies instruction maximizes opportunities for reflective thought and social participation. Using case studies, the power of human rights to develop active citizens is demonstrated.

A New Wild: Issues-Centered Sustainability Education through Documentary Film

Teach engaging social issues, address content standards, and meet Common Core requirements. We'll show you how, with the National Geographic documentary, Earth: A New Wild. Lesson plans will be provided.

Civic Action from the Classroom to the Capitol

Social studies educators will discover ways advocate for their discipline while engaging their students as informed and active national and global citizens.

Creating Educational Songs and Videos as a Class Activity

The process of how students can create educational songs and music videos as a form of project based learning will be demonstrated as participants engage in a collaborative songwriting activity.

Building Literacy in the Social Studies: Teaching Literacy with Inquiry

Join District of Columbia Public School teachers to explore Center for Inspired Teaching's Wonder-Experiment-Learn inquiry cycle and receive teacher-created unit plans that use the cycle to support C3-based literacy instruction.

It's Local, It's Global, It's Demographics in AP Geo

This presentation will address how AP Human Geography teachers can use the study of demographics to connect with people, places, and cultures found from their town to their world.

Teaching the History of Women in the Workforce

The 20th century saw major changes in the roles women play in the U.S. workforce. This session will include two lessons and data for teaching about women in the labor force.


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