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Secondary Level-High School

Learn Library of Congress Primary Source Analysis Techniques

Learn to analyze primary sources using Library of Congress tools. This presentation will feature the 1965 Voting Rights Act and will showcase Lyndon Johnson signing the Voting Rights Act.

Teaching Geography with Primary Sources

Learn about the power of using primary sources to teach geography through the work of a collaboration between the National Geographic Alliance Network and the TPS program.

Let's Teach Our Children Honest and Inclusive History!

History UnErased's mission is to prepare every educator to teach every child about the vital role that LGBTQ history and people have played in our nation and world.

TPS Teacher Network

The TPS Teacher Network is a professional online learning community for educators of all grade levels to learn new ways to utilize Library of Congress resources in their classroom.

Revising the DBQ: Using Tasks with Authentic Audience and Purpose to Support Argument Writing in History/Social Sciences

Get sample writing tasks, created in collaboration with middle school teachers designed to provide opportunities to develop students' argument writing and historical thinking with primary sources.

How a Nation Becomes a State: A Map Analysis Activity

See how the Library of Congress's professional development module, Analyzing Primary Sources: Maps, supports student inquiry and understanding of changing regional boundaries and the idea of statehood over time.

Writing Like a Historian: Evidence-Based Writing Skills

Preservice teachers were asked to write an essay explaining why the separation of church and state is integral to preserving religious freedom in America's pluralistic society. Discover the results.

Implementing Virginia's New Geography SOL Skills into the High School Social Studies Classroom

Concerned about the new re-design of the Va. SOLs? The Virginia Geographic Alliance has put together a vast array of resources, techniques and ready-to-go lessons that align with the new SOL standards while giving you effective strategies for overall social studies education. Lessons are targeted at World Geography along with the new geography strands in World History I and II.

Closing the Civic Empowerment Gap: Educating High-Need Students

Civic education can be instrumental in closing the "civic empowerment gap" by providing high-need students with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary for participating in political life.

The National WWII Museum Teacher Institute--Is it for YOU?

Want to increase WWII knowledge, sharpen your primary source skills, spend a summer exploring The National WWII Museum and another discovering an overseas WWII location? This session is for you!


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