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Secondary Level-High School

Exploring U.S. History Using Digital Public Library of America Resources

The award-winning Digital Public Library of America contains millions of primary sources from American history. This session shows educators how to guide students through inquiry-based research using DPLA’s expansive resources.

From Abstraction to Action: How Frameworks Can Inform Authentic Inquiry

Revitalized state frameworks inspired by the C3 have provided educators with opportunities to move from the abstract to reality as they consider how to best implement inquiry lessons.

Using the Inquiry Design Model to Build an Inquiry Toolkit

The C3 Framework comes alive through the New York State Toolkit, a resource of K-12 curriculum inquiries designed around the four dimensions of the Inquiry Arc.

Time Saving Planning Tools for Teachers

Do you wish you had time to find the right tool to engage your students? Two reference cards provide engaging strategies and resources at your fingertips that support C3 implementation.

Sports: A Struggle for Civil Rights

Sports are engrained in American culture and used as a lens can enhance your Civil Rights Unit. This C3 lesson follows female and male athletes throughout their struggles and triumphs.

Close Reading of Informational Text in the Social Studies Classroom

This presentation will share powerful strategies for close reading of informational texts by blending nonfiction leveled texts with CICERO system's extensive digital teaching resources.

Archaeology and Social Studies: Making the Past Come Alive in your Classroom!

Most social studies topics incorporate archaeological information. Learn about standards-based educational resources offered by the leading international archaeology organizations. Lesson plans, classroom resources, and recommended electronic media provided.

Fighting Back: Armed Jewish Resistance during the Holocaust

Thousands of Jewish teens defeat the Nazis as partisans: organized resistance fighters behind enemy lines. Inspire your students with their little-known history. Includes free films and lessons on DVD.

Pictures from a Hiroshima Schoolyard: A Film of Reconciliation and Art Supplies

A collection of surprisingly joyful drawings created by school children living among the ruins of Hiroshima in 1947 becomes the hear and soul of this inspiring true story. A screening of the film will be followed by discussion on how to use it the classroom.

Rick Steves’s Iran

Rick Steves will lead a journey of discovery to better understand what he calls “the most poorly understood yet fascinating land,” Iran and its 70 million people. Learn the fears and passions of the Iranian people in this presentation designed to humanize this might, ancient nation.


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