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Secondary Level-High School

Social Studies Model Curriculum

Fifty-five Missouri educators have developed a Model Curriculum in social studies, which includes the four major content areas of economics, geography, government, and history--both world and U.S. The major goal behind the units is to give districts models they can use when revising their social studies curriculum. This presentation will explain the process and components to the curriculum. The units are aligned with the Grade-Level and Course-Level Expectations and with the English Language Arts Literacy Standards for social studies. The units are being revised based on feedback from teachers who piloted them. The units can be used in their entirety or parts can be adapted to existing curriculum.

World War II - The Air War and the U.K.

Learn about the WWII air war in the U.K. and the Summer Residency program that has been developed for middle and high school teachers, hosted by the American Air Museum.

Teaching Historical Thinking with Time Travel, ChronoZoom, and Common Core

Explore ways to get students thinking like historians using ChronoZoom, an interactive and digital timeline. Learn to integrate a time travel narrative and drive engagement in student-centered history projects. Attendees will receive curriculum guides aligned to Common Core Standards for middle and high school.

Transcending Traditional Timelines: Using Technology to Contextualize World Religions and Philosophies

An AP World History class teamed with Microsoft to create interactive timelines of World Religions using One Note notebooks and a dynamic tool called ChronoZoom. Learn how to create an inquiry-based collaborative project that integrates technology, creativity and historical thinking skills.

Teaching Justice

2013 Robert H. Jackson Center Award for Teaching Justice
Environmental. Political. Social. Participants will grapple with historical and modern circumstances of justice by exploring six interactive teaching techniques and educational resource stations.

Voices of Vegas Oral History Project

2012 Christa McAuliffe Reach for the Stars Award Recipient
n the "Voices of Vegas" oral history project, students will document and publish longtime Las Vegas area residents' stories, helping to build a sense of community. Participants will learn how to successfully implement their own oral history projects to include Common Core alignment, utlizing social history, teacher and community collaboration, and fostering student presentation skills.

Strengthening Civic and Social Studies Education through Research on Classroom Climate

2013 Jean Dresden Grambs Distinguished Career Research in Social Studies Award Recipient
Presents research on civic education and political engagement conducted in 30 countries; shows the importance of developmental processes as well as democratic school and classroom climates; connects to current reforms.

Tackling the Depth/Breadth Problem in AP Social Studies

2012 Exemplary Research Award Recipient
This session provides a strategy for penetrating the depth/breadth tension in AP courses, which are known for "coverage" and sometimes "rigor" but lag behind contemporary research on how people learn.

"I Could Make a Difference": Research and Theory on Fostering Adolescents' Political Engagement and Efficacy

2012 Larry Metcalf Exemplary Dissertation Award Recipient
What does research say about how educators can prepare youth to become actively engaged citizens? This presentation will address this question by examining studies in political science, psychology, and education.


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