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The Social Studies Professional — known as TSSP — is the official member newsletter of National Council for the Social Studies. TSSP features the latest news, new resource and professional development listings, and information on local and state meetings. TSSP, a benefit of membership in NCSS, is published 8 times per year (January/February, March, April, May/June, July/August, September, October, November/December).

We post the current issue of TSSP here the day it's finished. There's also an archive of past issues always at your fingertips.


Current Issue

TSSP May/June 2016

In This Issue: 

President’s Message
News Around the Nation
Call for Participants
State and Regional Conferences
Teaching Resources
Professional Development
Awards, Grants, & Competitions
TV Plus

Past Issues

Announcements and Advertising

Announcements of events and resources must be timely: it must be likely that NCSS members will receive an issue in advance of the dates listed in your announcement. Some issues appear "late" in the month due to necessary delays: Jan/Feb due to late incoming reports from the Annual Conference, and May/June due to Board of Director Election results.

See TSSP Guidelines for more information.

The NCSS Career Center, with information for job seekers and recruiters, is at (TSSP does not include position announcements.)

Send your announcement for consideration by e-mail to


TSSP Newsletter Deadlines for Announcements

July/August 2016 06/06/2016
September 2016 08/08/2016
October 2016 09/12/2016
Nov/Dec 2016 10/10/2016
Jan/Feb 2017 12/12/2016
March 2017 02/06/2017
April 2017 03/06/2017
May/June 2017 04/10/2017
July/August 2017 06/12/2017

Paid advertisements must be submitted earlier.

TSSP Advertising Information

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