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Current Issue January/February 2016
Volume 28 • Number 3

Our conversation with you about “Have you hugged your Mother (Earth) today?”
Andrea S. Libresco and Jeannette Balantic

Creating a Solar-Powered Classroom with Fourth Graders
Scott Morrison and Aaron Sebens

The First Earth Day, 1970: Examining Documents to Teach about Civic Engagement
Ryan E. Hughes and Sarah L. Thomson

The Power of Access to Clean Water...and the Power of Information
Lisa Diaz Nash, Andrea S. Libresco, and Jeannette Balantic

What Makes Clean Water So Important?
Lisa Diaz Nash, Andrea S. Libresco, and Jeannette Balantic

The Climate is A-Changin’: Teaching Civic Competence for a Sustainable Climate
Carolyn A. Harris, Pushker Kharecha, Pam Goble, and Ryan Goble

Science, Media, and Civic Literacy: Rachel Carson’s Legacy for the Citizen Activist
Margaret Smith Crocco, Jay M. Shuttleworth, and Thomas Chandler

Celebrating the National Park Service’s Centennial: 100 Years of Environmental Education
Nancy P. Gallavan and Jeff L. Whittingham

How Do We Shape Our Environment? An Inquiry from the New York State Social Studies Toolkit
S. G. Grant, Kathy Swan, and John Lee

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