Borders and Borderlands: The Acadian Experience in Maine

Locations: Orono (ME), Moncton (NB), and Fort Kent (ME)

An NEH residential Teacher Institute, offered by the Maine Humanities Council
How do geographic, political, ethnic, and cultural boundaries shape and define our lives? The Acadians, a French-speaking group whose homeland straddles the Northeastern US - Canada border, have faced severe physical and cultural dislocations over the centuries, and their experience plays a revealing role in the larger context of borders and boundaries. What can we learn from their story as multiculturalism becomes the norm in the US?

Drawing on history, literature, and language studies, Borders and Borderlands: The Acadian Experience in Maine examines borderland theory as applied in the American Northeast and engages participants in an oral history project that will provide concrete skills to bring back to the classroom.

The deadline to apply is March 4, 2014. For more information, visit

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