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Teaching Elementary Social Studies through Yoga and Tae Kwon Do

Innovative and meaningful strategies for combining Social Studies and Physical Education through character and community building activities along with multicultural studies through Yoga and Tae Kwon Do.

Teaching Sustainability: Integrated Social Studies and Science Themes

Engage in K-5 strategies that integrate themes between National Standards in social studies and science for teaching sustainability. Session provides curriculum on themes of society-science-technology, global connections, and human-environmental interaction.

It's About the Pink Elephant: Negotiating Religion in Elementary Classrooms

Should religion be discussed in U.S. public schools? The Supreme Court says yes. Learn why and how to address this controversial topic, and leave with resources to get you started.

Kernels of Truth: Literacy of Sustainability

Based on themes in Michael Pollan's "The Omnivore's Dilemma," Social Studies licensure candidates created sustainability-focused lessons based on children's literature, Web2.o activities, and a cornucopia of resources for students.

A "GPS Toolkit" to Guide Your Social Studies Teaching

G = Geography P = Primary Sources S = Strategies & T = Technology/Other Tools Incorporate the use of geography, primary sources, thinking historically and literacy strategies in your classroom.

Go Beyond Treading Water--Create Deep Thinkers

Teach your students to connect to history in deep, meaningful ways by using inquiry and primary source documents. Learn ways to hook students and inspire them to be active learners.

It All Depends on Your Perspective

This session uses primary sources to compare and contrast life for Americans of European descent and of Japanese descent in the immediate aftermath of the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

"Top 10" Strategies for Building Literacy in Elementary Social Studies

This session will provide elementary social studies teachers 10 strategies that they can use to incorporate literacy into their social studies lessons.

Creating Windows into Reflective Learning Experiences: A Collaborative Teaching Model

A collaborative teaching model demonstrates integration of several academic disciplines focusing on education and social justice across time, place, and vulnerable populations through critical thinking, literacy, reflection, and artful expression.

"Create-a-Culture:" An Elementary Inquiry Project

"Create-a-Culture" is a cross-curricular, teacher developed program that engages students to examine the world, make global connections and share their learning by creating a documentary.


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