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Energize your Social Studies Instruction

2013 Outstanding Elementary Social Studies Teacher of the Year Award Recipient
The presenter will share six simple strategies that she has developed over the years that teachers can use to energize their instruction, get more out of every lesson and help students remember and LOVE social studies!

Teaching Social Justice through Literature: Common Core to Common Good

Get young students excited about social justice with books! Participants will explore examples of children's literature that set the stage for early social justice learning and development of civic responsibility.

Reading South Asia: Recommended Literature and Lesson Plans for K-8

South Asia Book Award committee members will share lesson plans and titles of winning and honor books published in 2012 and 2013. These materials help teachers explore literature from the region.

A.R.T.: American Revolutionary Tableaus and the Common Good

Visual art as a primary source document in your classroom? It's elementary, when this group of students show how they create research based interpretations using the French Tableau (living picture).

Professional Juggling Act: Social Studies Content in the Literacy Block

Use social studies content (informational text) during your Literacy Block with easy, engaging Common Core lessons, 3-D graphic organizers and the latest 2.0 technology for student publishing.

Beyond Family Trees: Critical Literacy Approaches to Personal History

The construct of "family" is an experiential starting point for children in understanding history and "the past." Teachers promote just and equitable classrooms when they employ inclusive and relevant approaches.

Continent on a Basketball Court? Exploring a NatGeo Giant Map

Get inspired to go global! Join a skilled educator to use one of National Geographic’s Giant Traveling Maps. Experience the innovative activities and learn how to expand your school’s geo-literacy.

Poster Session-The "Uncommon Core": History, Inquiry and Justice in K-5

This session provides concrete examples of teacher researchers who have long-standing commitments to what we've called "the un-common core" - highlighting the essential nature of history, inquiry and justice for K-5.

Poster Session-Got Culture? Using Culture Boxes with Young Children

Culture Boxes are valuable for teaching students of all ages. Young children, especially, benefit from interacting with items from other cultures. Don't just read about the Great Wall, build it!

Poster Session-Geospatial Technology Facilitates English Learners’ Investigations through Language Use

Geospatial technology supports geographic inquiry and spatial thinking expressed through language arts. Integrate CCSS with 2012 Geography and English Language Development Standards to successfully engage English Language Learners. Materials provided.


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