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Climbing Your Family Tree with C3

Family history in the K-5 classroom engages students, draws upon cultural funds of knowledge, and cultivates historical thinking skills. This integrated unit plan breathes life into the C3 Framework.

Integrating Service Learning, Economic Decision Making, and Teacher Education

How can service-learning help preservice students apply the C3 Framework on Economic Decision Making? This session examines the integration of Junior Achievement in an elementary social studies methods course.

A C3 Unit: Slavery through the Civil Rights Movement

An elementary C3 unit incorporating social studies, literacy, inquiry, with an overarching focus on civic learning. Explicit planning, work samples, video clips, and a PLC collaboration video will be highlighted.

The C3 and NGSS: Integrating Elementary Social Studies and Science

This session will provide K-5 Social Studies teachers with inquiry-based lessons that they can use to integrate elementary level social studies and science standards.

Lessons for Integrating Elementary Social Studies Content and the C3

This session will provide K-5 Social Studies teachers with inquiry-based lessons that they can use to incorporate integrate elementary level social studies content, common core standards, and C3 framework.

Forest through the Trees: Engaging Young Learners through Sustainability Education

This presentation explores how educators can develop and teach project-based, sustainability curricula that can provide young learners with opportunities for active and meaningful participation with pressing environmental and social issues.

Freedom and Unfreedom: The Complexity of Civic Courage

Presentation will describe 4th grade project about civic literacy using the Underground Railroad as context. Examples of popular texts, primary documents, photographs given to participants for their future projects.

Celebrate Hispanic Culture with Pura Belpre' Award Winners!

Pura Belpre' Award books honor the Hispanic culture and captivate the Hispanic English Language Learner. Visit this session to discover titles, correlating activities and online resources. Handouts will be provided.

How To Engage the Unmotivated Without Sacrificing The Motivated!

Participants will be exposed to a variety of strategies that can be used in any subject area, adapted to any grade level all while addressing different learning modalities and levels.

Giddy Up Cowboy - Explore the World

Woo Sliver, what is over there? Children's literature provides a way to teach geographic concepts that form the foundation of learning. Learn exciting, hands-on, active lessons to explore the world.


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