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Time to LIVE, ACT, and BE history! Project Based Learning, Here We Come!

Let's get ALL kids in the elementary grades out of their seats and textbooks, to live history, and give them the chance to literally show US what THEY got!

Making the Words Come Alive, Bringing Historians into Your Classroom

Learn how to use free video conferencing to bring expert historians into your classroom. Walk away with a new-aged view of a classroom and ready to go lesson plans!

Learn How to Use Story Quilts in your Classroom

Storytelling and quilt making is an American tradition. Participants will learn how to help students learn their own or American history through quilting, as they create one of their own.

Happy Trails: Math & Social Studies on the Iditarod Trail

Dogs, competition, Alaska: what more could you want? The 2014 Iditarod Teacher on the Trail shares lessons for integrating math, geography, history, and character development while following the Iditarod!

Lessons for Integrating Elementary Social Studies Content and the C3

This session will provide K-5 Social Studies teachers with inquiry-based lessons that they can use to incorporate integrate elementary level social studies content, common core standards, and C3 framework.

Integrating Service Learning, Economic Decision Making, and Teacher Education

How can service-learning help preservice students apply the C3 Framework on Economic Decision Making? This session examines the integration of Junior Achievement in an elementary social studies methods course.

Preserving History with Oral History

This is a presentation to demonstrate to elementary Social Studies teachers a way to teach Social Studies by using oral history testimonies from different periods of history.

Celebrating Excellence in Social Studies Education Research

NCSS Research Community representatives will highlight the intersection between research and social studies practice with young learners. Research on teaching and learning processes and evidence-based strategies will be presented.

A C3 Unit: Slavery through the Civil Rights Movement

An elementary C3 unit incorporating social studies, literacy, inquiry, with an overarching focus on civic learning. Explicit planning, work samples, video clips, and a PLC collaboration video will be highlighted.

Books Matter: Using Children's Literature to Teach About Bias, Bullying & Social Justice

Use children's literature to introduce concepts of equity into the early childhood classroom by learning about children's literature on bias, bullying and social justice and how to integrate into curriculum.


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