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Engaging through Compelling Narrative: Teaching the Chinese Transcontinental Railroad Experience

Examine techniques for engaging students through personal narrative, varying modes of learning, and integrating disciplines. Explore a unit from planning to closure, focusing on meaningful activities and integrated assessment.

Build Your Own Colony: A Simulation Unit

How would you survive in a New World? Come experience a simulation unit about England's early colonization and its effect on Native Americans. Handouts include lessons based on Primary Sources.

Using Picture Books to Enhance Social Values in Children

Are you looking for an engaging way to cultivate diversity in your students? Partner with your librarian to instill appreciation and goodwill for pluralism in students with children's picture books.

The Virtual Fieldtrip

Taking virtual field trips can provide opportunities for teaching geography and cultural connections, and is the ideal catalyst for extending reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills while engaging in technology.

Teaching Content Literacy Skills, Developing Content and Engaging Elementary Learners

Presenter will offer strategies to develop content reading and higher-level thinking skills, build academic vocabulary, and engage elementary learners. She will share ready-to-use lesson ideas and differentiation techniques. Handouts provided.

Digital Technologies and UDL in the Elementary Social Studies Classroom

Using principles from Universal Design for Learning (UDL), participants will learn how to use digital technologies to make the elementary social studies curriculum more flexible and accessible to all learners.

Growing Up in America: A Historical Journey

Presenters will share how they implement a Teaching American History grant project focused on building teachers' content knowledge of American history and developing their pedagogy with regard to historical inquiry.

It's Elementary! A Technology Grab Bag!

This session will share over 20 technology resources appropriate for elementary educators! Learn to capture video using Firefox, explore Animoto, discover cool Google tools, learn about Prezi and Glogging too!

African-American Folktales: Embracing African-American Students' Character and Content through Story

Stories give us voice, shape and direction. Explore adapted African-American folktales that connect with student's character and content knowledge. Focus: African-American students in high poverty and low performing schools.

History Comes Alive with the Japanese Storytelling Format "Kamishibai"

Through actual classroom projects, participants learn how the visual storytelling format called kamishibai (paper theater) helps students create compelling presentations that combine writing, editing, drawing, performance, collaboration, and multicultural history.


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