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Teaching about and against Cultural Stereotypes

Participants will learn about common misconceptions and stereotypes young children have about Africa and other world regions and strategies they can use to challenge and disrupt these stereotypes.

Are We on the Same Team? Citizens of the Classroom

Conducting a classroom census/profile helps determine the strengths, needs, cultural background, and readiness levels of students in any K-6 classroom. Differentiation and Inclusion techniques. Citizenship building.

It's Elementary! A Technology Grab Bag!

This session will share over 30 technology resources for elementary social studies educators! Learn ways to enhance your content searches, tools to capture content, and many interactive sites and simulations.

Doing Authentic Geography with Animated Films?

This presentation describes how teachers can teach authentic geography -- including content, skills, and perspectives -- to students using animated films. Examples and resources will be provided.

Creating Democratic Spaces: Embedding Citizenship Skills everyday in Elementary Classrooms

Teachers often struggle to Create democratic spaces in elementary classrooms. This interactive session will present example lessons and ideas designed to focus student learning on democratic habits and citizenship skills.

Teaching Kids to Be GlobeSmart

Learn about imagined contact theory in young learners and proposed approaches to help develop 'Globesmart' students as more open and tolerant as part of a prejudice reduction strategy.

Orange Trees and Monuments: Civic Engagement in the Elementary Classroom

Review a successful civic engagement project framework that addresses community problems while building reading, writing, and discussion skills across multiple content areas. Collaboration, decision- making, and evidence-based arguments are emphasized.

Clever Cogitating with the Common Four

How can students examine issues by thinking like political scientists? Geographers? Economists? Find out in this interactive session. Discipline specific thinking caps provided: bring your own masks and beads.

No Stress Strategies for Integrating Religion into the Elementary Classroom

Presenters will share strategies for integrating world religions in the elementary classroom with a focus on Sikhism. Lessons that encourage inquiry, integrate technology, and promote literacy skills will be provided.

The Littlest Lobbyists

Learn how one elementary Student Council identified opportunities for political participation. This case study presents how inquiry lead to student driven advocacy on the issue of increased state education funding.


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