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Life in a Box: Interpreting Primary Sources and Developing a Hypothesis

Students examine primary source clues and use the inquiry process to discover the identity of a person or event. Accessible to all students and designed to engage diverse learners.

Primary Source to Practice: See What Works in our Classroom!

Be inspired to integrate primary sources and inquiry. This presentation highlights the use of literature, oral histories, images, and simple strategies that can be used across the curriculum.

Let Freedom Ring: Students Can Become Detectives in K-8 Classrooms

Use Library of Congress inquiry strategies to show your students how to become "history detectives" using primary sources and technology.

Kid Citizen: Elementary Grade Apps on Congress and Civic Participation

Explore app episodes designed for young children that foster engaging inquiry with primary sources. See templates for teachers to develop content for digital exploration.

Learning the Intergenerational Way: Bringing Older Adults into the Classroom

Civic identity is founded on relationships. Inviting older adults into classrooms to share and learn with students is easy and powerful. Come learn about the Bridges Together curricula suite.

Hoovervilles, Jalopies, and Riding the Rails: Investigating the Great Depression Through Primary Sources

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Teaching and Learning about the U.S. President: Activities for an Election Year

Scaffolding Classroom Discourse in an Election Year: Keeping a Cool Mood in a Heated Season

Let's Tell It Right: Historical Inaccuracies in a Story of Lincoln and Douglass

Teachers-as-Researchers: Following Your Puzzlements


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