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Educators make Chromebooks the hot devices in schools

About 2.5 million Chromebooks were shipped to schools in the first half of this year.  -More

Education Secretary Duncan looks back on 7-year tenure

Outgoing US Education Secretary Arne Duncan in a recent speech reflected on the progress made during his seven-year tenure.  -More

US announces $375M for "next generation high schools"

The White House announced $375 million in public and private financing to redesign US high schools during its first summit on -More

Teacher's training helps Miss. students connect with George Washington

Field trips serve as creative-writing prompts for students

Educators at a New York school have been taking students on periodic field trips to give them experiences to use as creative- -More

Maine students learn complex history of state's Native Americans

Students from three high schools in Maine recently attended a forum about the history and culture of the state's Native Ameri -More

Strong characters are brought out by a change of situation, and gentle ones by permanence.

Jean Paul Richter, writer -More

Vote today for the 2015 Educators' Choice Content Award

Vote today for SmartBrief Education's second annual Educators' Choice Content Award.  -More

The NCSS Conference in your pocket

Attending the conference?  -More

NCSS Board of Directors Elections opens November 15!

This year, the NCSS Board of Directors Election starts Nov. 15. This new schedule is much earlier than previous years.  -More


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