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Off Site Resources

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Mark the boxes below that correspond to the month(s) your advertisement will print. A new and separate insertion form is needed for every new ad. Artwork arriving without the intended publication name and month of issue clearly labeled will require special verification and this may affect the positioning of the ad. Please change the issue year if contract extends past 2012.
Advertisement Size
Select one ad size. Multiple ads ad different sizes require separate forms.
Please specify ad dimension whether horizontal, vertical, or square in the description box. Note only half and third pages have dimension options.
Cover positions for an issue may already be reserved. Please call
Ad Description
You can describe the ad by it's headline or a campaign name. You can add whether the ad is a horizontal half-page or an vertical. You can add placement/positioning requests, e.g.: Far Forward or Right Hand Page. (We cannot guarantee positioning). You can mention the time sensitivity of the ad.

MLL September 2016

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MLL September 2016
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