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Minn. schools use state grants for farm-to-school projects

Minnesota has allocated $500,000 for farm-to-school program grants this year after providing funds for 51 projects over the p -More

S.C. students work on restoring helicopter used in Vietnam War

Students at a South Carolina high school are refurbishing a 1966 Cobra helicopter that was used in combat during the Vietnam  -More

Google launches free 3D field-trip pilot program

Six states and three countries will participate in a new 3D virtual field-trip pilot program announced by Google on Monday.  -More

Calif. teachers: More PD needed to prep students for college, career

How blogging can improve school-leadership skills

School leaders who want to have a wider influence on education, and a chance to sharpen their own views, should write a blog  -More

Helping teachers develop a "growth mindset"

To encourage teachers to innovate using technology, they should be encouraged to develop a "growth mindset," writes Andrew Ha -More

Strategies to help plan field trips

Educator: Combat bullying with kindness

Rather than focusing on bullying, educators should integrate kindness into everyday classroom activities and encourage kind a -More

N.C. students learn about state's bluegrass music history

Students at a North Carolina elementary school recently learned about bluegrass music and the instruments of the genre, as pa -More

No legacy is so rich as honesty.

William Shakespeare, playwright and poet -More


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