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NBPTS announces its public review period for the Social Studies-History Standards

The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) announces its public review period for the Social Studies-History Standards. The standards were developed by a committee of educators from the social studies/history field. Practicing classroom teachers fill a majority of seats on standards committees with other members representing districts, states and higher education.

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Background on Obama's Selection for Education Secretary

Please see the attached background sketch from Washington Partners of President-elect Obama's selection for Secretary of Education--the current Superintendent of Chicago public schools Arne Duncan.


NCSS Supports the Teaching Geography is Fundamental Act

NCSS was recently contacted by the National Geographic Society regarding the Teaching Geography is Fundamental Act, HR 1228.  This is a bill that NCSS has promoted on Capitol Hill and for which NCSS has helped secure many co-sponsors. The act would ensure federal support for geography comparable to the eight other core academic subjects identified by the No Child Left Behind Act.   --> read more »


Education Report: August 8, 2008

The Education Report, a weekly publication of WPLLC, provides an executive summary
of public policy issues affecting American education. After selecting the attachment, you may navigate the report based on the areas of interest below:

  1. Budget and Appropriations
  2. In Brief
  3. New Publications
  4. In the News
  5. About WPLLC

Social Education Wins Ed Press Award

SEMayJune07cover.jpg The Association of Educational Publishers (also known as EdPress) has named "From Banished to Brother Outsider, Miss Navajo to An Inconvenient Truth: Documentary Films as Perspective-Laden Narratives" best article in the learned category published in an educational periodical.   --> read more »


Christian Science Monitor Editorial on Science Education

An editorial appearing in The Christian Science Monitor speaks to our NCSS mission eloquently. "Do Graduates Understand Citizenship?" posits this title question while reminding readers of the fragile nature of our democracy. Read this article by Diane Cameron. click here.


NCSS Curriculum Standards for Social Studies Revision

The NCSS Standards Revision Task Force is continuing it's work on updating the NCSS Curriculum Standards for Social Studies and needs your input. Please see for an update on the work of the task force, drafts of updates, and to provide feedback and comments to the task force.


Social Studies: Is it "History"?

NCSS President Gayle Thieman and Past President Peggy Altoff articulate the devastating impact of NCLB on social studies teaching in an article published in the District Administration March 2008 issue.   --> read more »


Legislative Updates


Social Studies News and Advocacy

Be a Social Studies Advocate

Join the NCSS Advocacy Conversation. Join our Social Studies Advocacy Group on the NCSS Connected Site!

What can you do now?

Visit your U.S. House of Representative and State Senators during their district or state “home work periods “and reinforce the NCSS ESEA reauthorization message, view detailed information on NCSS key advocacy points and tips on scheduling your appointments below, and illustrate with your own personal examples.

In Summary, NCSS ESEA reauthorization recommendations are:

-Current ESEA law be revised to explicitly state in its basic program requirements that each of the core disciplines: English/Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies (civics, economics, geography and history) are key to a well-rounded education.

-ESEA recognize that proficiency in each of these subjects is needed for US students to be prepared for college, career, and citizenship in the complex and globally interdependent world.

-The narrowing of the curriculum and the civic achievement gap be addressed by including provisions for social studies assessment and professional development in the reauthorization of ESEA that require states to outline plans to address social studies as key to the K-12 curriculum, as well as plans to invest some portion of their professional development funds in social studies educators.

-New accountability rubrics in the law are as inclusive of the “multiple measures” approach considered in draft legislation in 2007 and move toward the use of growth models.

-Any revision or consolidation of the structure of ESEA Title II programs (i.e. Teaching American History Grants, Academies for American History and Civics, National History Day, Close-Up Fellowships, Excellence in Economic Education, etc.) results in an increase in resources for front-line social studies teachers.

-At least $2.00 per student, or $100 million per year invested in civic education, as an important first step in restoring the civic mission of our schools.

-The structure and plans of the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) be modified such that social studies be a component of the two-year testing cycle that reading and mathematics are

-NAEP history, civics, geography, and economics, be conducted, one each year, such that each discipline area would be tested every four years with a sample size large enough to yield disaggregated data.

Use the follow resources to help set up your at home Congressional Visits!

Useful Links:

District and State Work Period Calendars:

Useful NCSS Advocacy Resources

NCSS Advocacy Toolkit

Our toolkit will help you advocate for social studies education in your school, your community, and your nation.
Advocacy Toolkit

NCSS Advocacy Checklist

If you can check 4 or more items on this list, then you get an A+ as an advocate for social studies education! Advocacy Checklist

Join the NCSS Advocacy Conversation. Join our Social Studies Advocacy Group on the NCSS Connected Site!

Advocacy Links:

Campaign for the Civic Mission of Schools

staranim-big.gif National Council for the Social Studies is pleased to be part of the Campaign for the Civic Mission of Schools--a coalition of 40 organizations committed to improving the quality and quantity of civic learning in American schools. The Campaign's goal is to increase and improve civic learning in grades K-12 by working for policies that implement the recommendations of the Civic Mission of Schools report.

Civic Mission of Schools Website

Legislative Updates and News

Teacher Practice Networks Annual Survey

NCSS needs your responses to the Teacher Practice Networks Annual Survey. The Teacher Practice Networks Annual Survey is designed to learn from teachers about the types of supports that are helping them implement new state standards, which may be referred to as the Common Core, College and Career Readiness Standards, or something else specific to your state or district. Your feedback will help National Council for the Social Studies in further defining teacher needs as it moves forward in developing College, Career and Civic Life (C3) Framework professional learning initiatives.   --> read more »


Please help! National Board for Professional Teaching Standards -Early Adolescence: Social Studies Field Test

The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards is seeking help to make 2015 a successful year for the redesigned Early Adolescence: Social Studies certification. The National Board needs social studies educators teaching students ages 11-15 to take a 90 minute field test. The results of the field test will help them select items for inclusion on the revised assessment. In order to have this certificate as an option next year, it is essential that enough educators complete the field test so that there is enough data.   --> read more »


September issue of TSSP is now online!

The September 2014 issue of The Social Studies Professional, the newsletter for members of National Council for the Social Studies, is ready to download!

In this issue…

  • Advocacy! NCSS Members "Weigh In!"
  • 94th NCSS Annual Conference: Boston
  • Gates Foundation Grant Awarded to NCSS
  • President's Message
  • News Around the Nation
  • Standards Update
  • State and Regional Meetings
  • Teaching Resources
  • NCSS Webinars
  • Professional Development
  • Each One, Reach One

Gates Foundation Grant Awarded to NCSS


p>National Council for the Social Studies has been awarded $205,000 as part of a robust, multi-network effort to support teachers as they implement the Common Core State Standards in their classrooms.   --> read more »

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