NCATE Social Studies Program Review

PDF versionPDF version ncatelogo.gif NCATE (National Council for Accrediation of Teacher Education) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization, founded in 1954. More than 30 national associations representing the education profession at large make up the council. The associations that comprise NCATE appoint representatives to NCATE's policy boards, which develop NCATE, policies, and procedures. Membership on policy boards includes representatives from organizations of teacher educators, teachers, state and local policymakers, and professional specialists in P-12 schools. NCSS is the social studies specialty program association affiliated with NCATE.

Instutions seeking NCSS approval of their social studies teacher education programs must apply for NCATE accreditation according to NCATE guidelines.

Following are resources to assist in preparing a social studies program report for approval.

For additional assistance, please contact

Dr. Brandie Benton>

NCSS provides many levels of help and support to institutions and it is willing to respond to all institutional requests. Responses to inquiries that require no more than one hour of consultant time are provided free. More in depth consulting can be arranged upon request for a fee. (The fee is necessary because NCSS receives no funding from the charges that NCATE assesses institutions for participating in an accreditation review or from states that conduct program reviews that use the NCSS standards. The consultants are volunteers.)

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