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Middle Level-Jr. High School

Dynamic Duo: Two Grouping Strategies Combined into One Powerful Lesson

Participants will learn two effective strategies focusing on one essential question: Did the South have right to secede? Strategies that are used separately are combined to facilitate a group activity.

Exploring White House History in Your Classroom and Beyond

Learn about new educational programs at the David M. Rubenstein National Center for White House History at Decatur House and explore new resources for teachers and students.

Tweets from the "New" World

It's 1492. What would Columbus tweet (WWCT)? What would the Arawak tweet? It's now 1516. Genocide is in full effect. What would Bartolom de Las Casas tweet?

Visual Literacy: Making Visual Primary Sources Worth 1,000 Words

Visual literacy strategies and classroom-ready lessons to build student content mastery and skills in US History for all learners. A Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources Project.

Valuing the Emerging Landscape of Cultural Diversity Via Digital Storytelling

Pre-service and current elementary school teachers in a graduate social studies course utilized digital storytelling to document and accurately portray the first-person narratives of international students from multiple countries.

The Social Studies Games: Teaching The Hunger Games

The popular series of books (and first movie) will be examined for ways that they can be used to teach and engage students in social studies concepts, strategies, and topics.

Social Studies for Global Detectives: The Landmark Games

Project-based learning unites with Social Studies in this intriguing web-based inquiry as students communicate and compete with players from around the world in the global Landmark Games.

The Sister Mountain Project: Comparing Mt. Rainier and Mt. Fuji

Develop student global citizenship by linking the landscapes, peoples and cultures of two iconic mountains of the Pacific.Gain exciting, cross curriculum activities focused on Mt. Fuji and Mt. Rainier.

Coffee, Tea and Archeology! Turkey's Long and Rich History

Examine historical sites in Turkey to teach timelines in this lesson-to-go. Students will be introduced to major civilizations and come to understand the importance of location.

Experiencing the History of the North American West through Literature

Combine literature and history to understand and compare Canadian and American western experiences. Same or different? Explore literature of Natives, immigrants, miners, and farmers through all genres. Materials provided.


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