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Middle Level-Jr. High School

Unlocking Your Inner Sherlock: Inquiry Learning with Primary Sources.

With guest speakers like John Lee and William Gaudelli teachers are introduced to modern teaching techniques and integration of primary sources with a framework built around acting like a detective.

GLEEk out to History

GLEEk out to History marries rich and rigorous Common Core-aligned social studies instruction with learning to sing popular music whose lyrics have been adapted to recount major events in history.

Configuring 21st Century Classrooms: Leveraging Student Spaces to Enhance Learning

Gain insight into successfully incorporating intentional tools and inviting imagery into physical and virtual teaching spaces in order to grab the attention of your students and enrich learning.

Mapping Stories with Story Maps

Explore how dynamic and customizable story maps incorporating multimedia can easily be created and shared online to analyze patterns and relationships from local to global scales.

Stories from the Bamboo Groves: Vietnam in Children's Literature

Discover children's literature and resources set in Vietnam to support global citizenship, increase social responsibility, and support the C3 Framework. Presenters will share practical activities, lessons and handouts.

The Secret History of History

The International Spy Museum shares innovative strategies to bring students into the secret world of espionage and intelligence, ultimately enhancing understanding of the global and timeless role of intelligence.

Let's Put Our Heads Together: Medieval Muslim-Christian-Jewish Exchanges

Most great medieval advancements came from an exchange of ideas across cultures and confessions. Islamic Spain and medieval Baghdad serve as the focus for this talk and the accompanying lesson.

A Fable, a Famine and a Finale: The Famine of 1315

Climate change is nothing new. This 2 day, ready-to-teach lesson students examine how Europe in the 1300's faced drastic climate change and how this change has affected our present.

Social Justice: The Power of a Home Visit

This presentation demonstrates how social studies educators, through the power of a home visit, can foster an environment, particularly for marginalized students, which incorporates the ideals of social justice.

Interactive Atlas: Making Annotated Maps that Showcase Inquiry

Using online atlas tools, students create maps illustrating history and demographic-based investigations; examples range from annotated maps of Civil War battles to maps analyzing GDP and life expectancy in Africa.


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