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Middle Level-Jr. High School

Unlocking your Inner Sherlock: Inquiry Learning with Primary Sources.

With guest speakers like John Lee and William Gaudelli teachers are introduced to modern teaching techniques and integration of primary sources with a framework built around acting like a detective.

Red Carpet Oscars for Human Rights Student-Made Documentaries

A Night at the Oscars! Students create mini-documentaries on human rights using primary sources and technology. Tips for hosting your very own Oscars presentation ceremony.

PULLing Your Students to Success! The Testing Strategy that Works!

This engaging and interactive session will teach audiences the P.U.L.L. strategy, specifically designed to increase students' success on Social Studies assessments and provide takeaways for immediate implementation on their campuses.

A Coherent Curriculum for the Teaching of Comparative World History

Details of a collaborative project to develop and implement more globalized world history curriculum for middle and high school, guided by the Alliance for Learning in World History.

A Fable, a Famine and a Finale: The Famine of 1315

Climate change is nothing new. This 2 day, ready-to-teach lesson students examine how Europe in the 1300's faced drastic climate change and how this change has affected our present.

Social Justice: The Power of a Home Visit

This presentation demonstrates how social studies educators, through the power of a home visit, can foster an environment, particularly for marginalized students, which incorporates the ideals of social justice.

Teach for Tomorrow: Global Citizenship and the Millennium Development Goals

Achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals requires a future oriented approach to global citizenship education. Create try tomorrows and enduring questions that challenge students to think critically and act responsibly.

Interactive Atlas: Making Annotated Maps that Showcase Inquiry

Using online atlas tools, students create maps illustrating history and demographic-based investigations; examples range from annotated maps of Civil War battles to maps analyzing GDP and life expectancy in Africa.

Common Core Reading Strategies for Students with Learning Disabilities

This interactive session will demonstrate how to use the Common Core ELA/Literacy Standards to engage all learners in the middle school social studies classroom. Handouts will be provided.

Character Interpretation: Bring History to Life in Your Classroom

Interact with Thomas Jefferson, Napoleon, and Maria Cosway. Learn from Colonial Williamsburg's interpreters as they share ideas and resources that will enable you to introduce character interpretation into your classroom.


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