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Middle Level-Jr. High School

That Happened Here? Place-Based Education with Informational Sources

Learn how you can use free sources available at the Library of Congress and local collections to develop accessible curriculum that emphasizes the significance of local history.

Connecting Social Studies to Literacy through Primary Sources

Obtain materials to coming social studies and literacy content through Paul Fleischmann's Bull Run. These materials will have your students analyzing and questioning literature while connecting with primary sources.

How Everyday People Influenced President Lincoln's Brave Ideas

Engage with primary sources to analyze Lincoln's daily commute through Civil War Washington and discover the lessons he learned from ordinary people along the way.

Engaging Students in Civics through the Use of Primary Sources

Explore methods for engaging middle grade students in civics and history through primary sources.

Middle School Students Save the World!

Discover a learning experience for graduating 8th graders that requires the application of 21st century skills toward solving a vital, complex global problem and presenting those findings to authentic audiences.

Shades of Engaging ELLs: Culturally Responsive Teaching

Want to create an environment beyond the traditional diverse classroom? Participate using effective strategies to support the needs of academically, culturally and linguistically diverse learners!

Inquiry, Collaboration and C3: Informed Action in Middle School

How can middle school students use inquiry to create change and take action? Participants will explore strategies to increase student awareness of social justice issues within their own communities.

"Get in the Scrap!" Using History to Promote Civic Engagement

Teachers will learn strategies to help students produce podcasts that investigate how the American identity has evolved. This hands-on session will provide classroom-ready lessons, primary sources, and tools for podcasting.

Using Portraiture to Teach a Socratic Seminar

Host: National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC
Learn how to teach your students to discuss a dynamic historical text and a visual portrait, in tandem, through the context of a student-led Socratic Seminar. Materials provided.

NOTE: Attendees are on their own to reach this clinic, which is within walking distance of the convention center.

Teaching the Civil War through a Social/Emotional Learning Framework

Experience how an inquiry-based learning approach uses the narrative structure of Storypath to enhance student engagement and create "the lived experience" for historical, civic, and social/emotional learning. Curriculum provided.
Fee: $20 for members, $35 for nonmembers


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