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Middle Level-Jr. High School

New Orleans Past and Present: Economic History and Contemporary Growth

Explore the economic history of your NCSS host city. This session is filled with fascinating facts and interactive lessons. Participants receive digital copies of all materials.

Attention! A Call for Innovation in Teaching the Civil War

Searching for engaging ways to teach the Civil War? Join leading educational organizations as they highlight cutting-edge strategies and digital offerings that will excite teachers and create lifelong students!

Creating Story Maps- Silk Road and World Religions

Using web-based maps (ArcGIS online), presenters will explain how to create a story map, as well as how to incorporate these technologies into the classroom.

Natural Disasters: Helping Students Understand Rescue, Relief, and Reconstruction

This session will provide teachers resources on how to teach students about natural disasters and how nations and the global community aid in rescue, relief, and reconstruction.

Weapons of Mass (Mis)representation: Cartoons, Stereotypes, and Critical Media Literacy

This K-12 workshop engages strategies for critical dialogues around oft-found misrepresentations of Indigenous, Middle Eastern, and North African cultures in film and print cartoons from the colonial period to today.

The UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights: A Global Exploration

Declare your right to know the Declaration of Human Rights! Learn hands-on strategies, including NG Learning's World Cultures/Geography Program ideas, to help students compare and celebrate their human rights.

Teaching Social Responsibility with Civic Literacy Projects

Participants will explore a 3-phase model for civic education projects through which students (1) name, (2) study, and (3) take action on social problems. Sample teaching materials will be distributed.

The Pursuit of Equality through Diversity: Interpreting the Civil War

The Civil War is a pivotal conflict taught passionately by educators to a diverse population throughout the United States. Join panelists in evaluating issues of equitably disseminating this epic story!

The Fish Who Discovered Water: Utilizing Natural and Built Environments

History sweeps us away to foreign times, lands and people; often leaving behind those we need to reach. This session will provide solutions to connect curriculum to our student's lives.

Get 'Em Movin': Active and Engaging Learning for the Social Studies Classroom

The evidence is clear: students have to MOVE to really engage in learning! Improv exercises help develop interdisciplinary literacy skills and social studies content knowledge. They also boost skills that are crucial for student learning: listening, teamwork, communication, idea-generation, vocabulary, and more.  Based on the presenter's co-authored The Second City Guide to Improv in the Classroom, attend this session and learn how experiences lead to learning. 

We will address the following in this workshop:

  • How does improvisation and active learning boost student skills and social studies content knowledge?
  • How can I use active strategies and exercises to boost student learning in the social studies classroom?

Teacher participants will learn many strategies and tools that they can immediately use in their classroom and discover how experiences lead to learning.



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