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Middle Level-Jr. High School

Active Learning and Improv in the Classroom to Boost Skills and Content Learning

Using improv exercises teaches a wide variety of content areas and boosts skills that are crucial for student learning: listening, teamwork, communication, idea-generation, vocabulary, and more. Based on the presenter's co-authored book, The Second City Guide to Improv in the Classroom, attend this session and learn how experiences lead to learning.

We will address the following in this session:

  • How does improvisation and active learning boost student skills and content knowledge?
  • How can I use active strategies and exercises to boost student learning in the classroom?

Participants will learn many strategies and tools that they can immediately use in their classroom and discover how experiences lead to learning.

Interdisciplinary Social Studies: Using the Visual Arts to Teach Democratic Ideals

Center for Teaching the Rule of Law's interdisciplinary lessons help students understand rule of law principles that are fundamental to their rights and responsibilities as citizens of a democratic society.

Teaching Global Competence through Art with the Smithsonian

How can thinking through art help cultivate global competence? Join Smithsonian educators for an exploration of tools and resources that promote critical and creative thinking, perspective taking, and more.

Blurred Lines of Literacy/Social Studies: Advancing Students' Global Action

Through integration of the C3-Framework, literacy, and social studies, participants will advance their understanding of inquiry-based learning to develop a cross-curricular unit focused on inspiring students' action for social justice.

How to Increase Engagement in World History through Cross-Curricular Expeditions

Discover how a cross-curricular expedition united World History and Biology to examine modern-day consequences of imperialism in Africa, and gain resources/strategies for how to plan your own cross-curricular expedition.

Making Puzzle Pieces Fit when You Have too many Pieces

Today's classroom must combine content instruction, Common Core literacy/writing standards, technology integration, vocabulary instruction, while also implementing research-based strategies. Multi-purpose lessons enable teachers to fit all the pieces together.

Building Global Social Responsibility through Gaming: Timbuktu's Ancient Manuscripts

Immerse students in the fascinating world of contemporary Timbuktu through a role-playing game that draws on real journalism to teach young people how to solve problems in an unfamiliar society.

Empowerment through Consensual Peace: Strategies for the Classroom and Beyond

This session explores the theory of consensual peace to promote civic efficacy, tolerance of ideas, and human rights. Discussion centers upon implementation of five strategies in the middle level classroom.

Inspire Students with the Four I's of Inquiry Framework

Experience the magic of inquiry, proven to engage students. Walk through the process of integrating primary sources and inspiring curiosity. Bring your lessons to life with our framework and tools

Social Studies Vocabulary Strategies for Successfully Implementing the C3 Framework

A robust social studies vocabulary helps all students succeed with the C3 Framework. Explore interactive, easily implemented vocabulary strategies that promote success with history, inquiry skills, and social studies literacy.


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