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Leveraging the C3 Framework for Inquiry-Based Field Trip Investigations

Learn how to ignite your students' curiosity through authentic, inquiry-based field trip investigations, map the cultural assets available in your community, and plan your own focused field trip.

How the Other Half Lived: Reexamining Indigenous Contributions to the U.S.

Taking a second look at exchanges between Europeans, Americans, and the indigenous, educators will discuss a body politic that includes all those present at formative moments of civic life.

How Exemplary Teachers Engage their Students in Inquiry Learning

Learn about three teachers who are champions of inquiry learning, focusing on one award-winning teacher who used inquiry to empower his students with civic agency.

Don't Just Stand There; Do Something!: Partnerships for Action

Learn about inquiry lessons on citizenship participation that resulted from partnerships between the University of West Florida, local school districts, and social justice organizations.

AntiquityNOW Presents a Community Cultural Heritage Campaign

AntiquityNOW demonstrates how ancient times influence our lives today. Explore a heritage curriculum, including a dig box, 3D printing, Minecraft and a public awareness campaign for communities.

Were We Our Brothers' Keepers? Holocaust Collaboration and Complicity

Using resources from the United States Holocaust Museum exhibition, Some Were Neighbors, explore the spectrum of motives and pressures during the Holocaust that influenced individuals' choices.

Warmups, Bell Ringers, Hooks: Engage and Capture Student Attention

Engage students with creative, high-interest warmups and hooks using a variety of strategies and higher-level thinking skills. Discover activities that help create a positive learning environment and strengthen curriculum connections.

Using iPads for History Instruction: NYCDOE New Immigrants 1880-1924 App

NYCDOE partnered with cultural institutions to curate resources from their extensive collections. Intended for instruction, this collection provides teachers and students sources that foster a deep understanding of immigration.

Inquiring Minds: Gathering and Evaluating Sources with the Smithsonian

The C3 Framework emphasizes helping students develop a capacity for gathering and evaluating sources and then using evidence in disciplinary ways. Learn how the Smithsonian Learning Lab can guide you.

Harvest of Empire: U.S. Foreign Policy's Impact on Latino Immigration

Join the director of the documentary Harvest of Empire to contextualize immigration issues and participate in a role-play from the curriculum guide to bring this critical topic into your classroom.


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