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This online-only magazine features grade 5-8 classroom activities written for middle school educators of all stripes, but especially social studies teachers who see their classroom as a place to integrate all of the disciplines. MLL is published three times a year as a 16-page, color-illustrated PDF. Read about the current issue, download a free issue, or access the current and back issues at the online members-only Archive.

SocialEd.gif Get "Notable Social Studies Trade Books for Young People" Each Year
All members of NCSS receive this year's Notables list in the May/June issue of Social Education and can access it in the online Archive. Previous years' lists (back to 2000) are available free to the public. Here is where you find excellent language arts/social studies content.
UShistory.gif Access the U.S. History Collection
This is your shortcut to lesson ideas — an online set of classroom activities, teaching ideas, and articles from our journals. Browse the collection, or search by historical period and grade level. Brief abstracts are available to all. Only NCSS members can access the full articles.
colleagues Collaborate with Colleagues
Most of the 50 states have a state council for the social studies. Scroll down at the webpage below to see links to all the councils. Many of them give an annual State Social Studies Teacher of the Year award, and they advocate for your profession.
apple Apply for an Award (or Nominate a Colleague)
The Middle School Social Studies Teacher of the Year Award is given at the NCSS Annual Conference, which has been held in various U.S. cities over the years since 1920. We also celebrate excellence in social studies teaching with the Christa McAuliffe Reach for the Stars Award, the Award for Global Understanding given in honor of James M. Becker, as well as the Grant for the Enhancement of Geographic Literacy.

Get Connected
Connected, the new NCSS online networking community, connects social studies professionals from across the country. Like Facebook, and other popular networking sites, Connected lets members share their experiences and knowledge with colleagues through blogs, e-group discussions and resource document sharing.

sun Get Professional Development
NCSS Annual Conference with its many sessions are places where teachers teach each other about content and methods. Conference sessions led by professor-teacher teams are increasingly popular. You don't know what professional development is all about until you've attended one of these events. Summer Workshops, and state council meetings are also places where teachers get training.
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Stay Informed with the Newsletter
The Social Studies Professional is our official online newsletter, featuring the latest news, new resource and professional development listings, summer travel and study, and important updates from state and regional councils for the social studies.


Read Social Education
Our award-winning journal includes techniques for using materials in the classroom, information on the latest instructional technology, reviews of educational media, research on significant social studies-related topics, and lesson plans. Access back issues at the online members-only Archive. Read about the current issue, or access Notable Social Studies Trade Books for Young People, which is published in the May/June issue of Social Education.

Read Books and Bulletins
NCSS Bulletins, published twice-yearly in book form, provide an in-depth focus on specific disciplines within social studies. Bulletins and other special books are included in a Comprehensive membership. They can also be purchased through the list of NCSS publications. Download the PDF of the list of NCSS publications or shop at the NCSS Online Store to view some of the most recent items.


Serve Your Profession
NCSS Members are part of a professional association that asserts the voice of social studies teachers in our national life.
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