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Update on Education Funding in Stimulus

I. Stimulus Update Memo
Please see attached a memo from Washington Partners providing an update on the efforts of the Congress to put together and approve an economic stimulus package since Friday 2/6. The Senate was hard at work this weekend putting together a compromise bill, brokered by Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE) and Susan Collins (R-ME), that may win passage early this week.

The memo lays out the decreases in proposed funding for education that were made as part of the roughly $100 billion cut from the original $940 billion Senate bill. It also touches on some differences between the House version and the Senate compromise measure that may be difficult to resolve after the Senate version is passed.

II. Updated Comparison of Education Funding: House bill / first Senate bill / Senate compromise bill
Also attached from WP is an updated side-by-side comparison of provisions related to education in the stimulus package passed by the House, the original Senate proposal and the most recent Senate bill that reflects the Nelson-Collins compromise.

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