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Education Report for February 13, 2009

Education Report for February 13, 2009

Pleased be advised, the bullets below only provide a rough outline and are not intended as a substitute for the report (attached). NCSS strongly encourages you to read the refined report which will offer a more complete picture of recent events on Capitol Hill from the professionals at Washington Partners. You can easily navigate your areas of interest by using the bookmarks at the beginning of the attachment.

Highlights under each section of the report include:

1. Budget and Appropriations
-Congress was able to meet the President's deadline (today), as HR 1 (The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) finally passed.
-Passage came after a series of contentious negotiations and events on the Hill...
1) the Nelson-Collins Compromise Bill that made $100 billion spending cuts narrowly passed in the Senate.
2) After initial reservations from House democrats and some slight adjustments to the spending vs tax cut balance, the bill
totaling $790 billion agreed to during negotiations in the middle of the week was passed by the House today (unlike the Senate
receiving no Republican votes)
- Historic investments for education!: $100 billion to the Ed. Department, additional 30 billion for ed. programs and school
construction (see report and chart below for specifics)

2. Campaign for High School Equity (CHSE) Hosts Event on Legislative Recommendations to Improve Equity
-Noting the graduation rate among minorities, the forum was devoted to the important task of achieving equitable educational opportunities for all Americans.
-Panelists included members of Congress.
-The potential of taking advantage of $ provided by the recovery bill to address some of these inequities was discussed.

3. House Budget Committee Holds Hearing on Child Hunger
-Hearing on "Building a Foundation for Families: Fighting Hunger, Investing in Children."
-Members of Congress highlighted this priority and discussed programs aimed to address
-Expert testimony further illuminated the problem.

4. In Brief, headings include:
-Sec, of Education Arne Duncan Addresses Final Meeting of the American Council on Education (ACE)
-Education Advocate to Head Ed. Department's Office for Civil Rights
-Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee Holds Organizational Meeting and Confirmation Hearing
-House Education and Labor Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Workforce Investment Act (WIA)
-First Five Years Fund Holds Briefing on Early Childhood Education and Children's Health

Be sure to also scan sections #4 ("New Publications") and #5 ("In the News"), for articles of interest.

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