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Education Report: December 12, 2008

Please see attached the Education Report for December 12th from Washington Partners.

Be sure to make use of the bookmarks at the beginning of the attached report to help navigate your areas of interest. Highlights under each section include:

  1. Budget and Appropriations
    -Speculation over where the $ will be infused in the economic recovery package that will probably be the first major legislation passed by the 111th Congress
    -Still high hopes from the education community that omnibus spending bill for FY2009 currently under construction will include the additional 25 billion in domestic spending that was proposed by the 110th Congress and resisted by the Bush Administration.

  2. Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) 2007 Results Show Gains in Math, Stagnant Science Scores
    -Significant increase in math scores compared to international peers and little or no change in science performance since 1995.
    -Outgoing Sec of Ed. Spellings points to mixed results as proof of important gains thanks to NCLB and the need to "build on the solid foundation that NCLB has laid."

  3. Alliance for Excellent Education (AEE) Hosts Briefing on Recruiting Highly Effective Teachers
    -Highlighted Guilford County Schools in North Carolina as a successful case study in how to use teacher incentives, differentiated pay and high quality professional development to introduce experienced and effective teachers to a struggling school system.

  4. ACT Releases New Report on College and Career Readiness
    -Results of new research report "The Forgotten Middle" suggest that the level of achievement students have reached by 8th grade is the best single indicator of their readiness for college and careers.
    -Study found that only 2 out of 10 eighth graders are on target to be prepared for college level work by their high school graduation.
    -Hope that results will encourage policy makers to recognize middle school as a critical period in the shaping of federal education policy

  5. Fordham Institute Hosts "Broader, Bolder" Education Reform Policy
    -Experts on both sides of the issue debate a statement signed by important education figures earlier this year that pointed to the limitations of NCLB and called for a "bigger, bolder" approach during NCLB reauthorization.

  6. In Brief, headings include:
    -Obama transition Team Documents and Meetings Made Publicly Available Online
    -College Board Releases Recommendations to Strengthen Educational Achievement
    -American Youth Policy Forum (AYPF) Hosts Event titled, "School Improvement and School Turnaround: District-Level Initiatives in Chicago, IL and Prince George's County, MD."

Be sure to also scan sections #4 ("New Publications") and #5 ("In the News"), for articles of interest.

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