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Global Connections

My Pocket to the World: Student Voice with Mobile Technologies

The proliferation of mobile technologies has incited a new ecology of teaching and learning in the social studies. Presenters will explore applications of mobile devices to facilitate student engagement.

Pacific Island History: Concepts, Strategies, Topics, and Resources

Using primary sources, multimedia, and secondary readings, attendees will be given curricular materials that will help them integrate the unique aspects of the islands into their social studies courses.

Teaching Methods to Explore Trade-offs and Dilemmas of Globalization

As the movement of people, capital, and ideas accelerates, students must critically evaluate the trade-offs and dilemmas of globalization in their roles as enlightened and engaged citizens in a democracy.

Motivating Students in a Global Society: Etic and Emic Considerations

An etic-emic view of motivation defines universal qualities of motivation allowing some comparison across cultural groups, yet pays attention to the individuality of cultural groups and people.

Exploring the Future through the Lens of Current Events

Learn about a new website created by GSB teachers: a living 'online textbook' for teaching current events or a futures course. Our 'History of the Future' course will be discussed.

From Chernobyl to Fukushima: Lessons Not Learned

Comparing the human experience in the aftermath of the nuclear disasters at Chernobyl and Fukushima suggests there are many lessons about global interdependence that we failed to learn.

Becoming Integrated Thinkers: Cases from Elementary Classrooms

Through the discussion of case studies from six elementary teachers' classrooms, the participants will obtain insights and strategies for authentic integration in social studies.

Global Classroom Connections: From Bold Goals to Nuts and Bolts

Are you ready to get students communicating with peers across the globe? A panel of experienced teachers and a handy packet will help you select a project and get started.

Fostering Global Citizenship Identity Development through Service Learning

Service learning is a tool to leverage the lessons of global citizenship outside the classroom. This poster presentation will detail a character-building experience in which GC students worked with refugees.

Mao to Now: What Students Need to Know about China

Not to know China is no longer an option. What are the key ideas students need to know about this complex and dynamic country today? Primary sources/lesson plans/articles provided.


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