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Please help! National Board for Professional Teaching Standards -Early Adolescence: Social Studies Field Test

The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards is seeking help to make 2015 a successful year for the redesigned Early Adolescence: Social Studies certification. The National Board needs social studies educators teaching students ages 11-15 to take a 90 minute field test. The results of the field test will help them select items for inclusion on the revised assessment. In order to have this certificate as an option next year, it is essential that enough educators complete the field test so that there is enough data.


Social studies and Boston Public Schools

This week, news circulated that Boston Public Schools was planning a restructuring that would eliminate history and social studies departments and place the subjects under a broader "humanities" rubric. This afternoon, Boston Public Schools posted a statement from Interim Superintendent John McDonough that clarifies their plans. McDonough states that history and social studies are not being folded into English language arts, but will remain as a single department.


Diplomacy in Action Online Conference Series


NCHE, C3 and the Importance of History in the Schools

Fritz Fischer, History Professor and Director History Education at University of Northern Colorado, and long-time board leader of National Council for History Education (NCHE), authored the lead article in the December issue of History Matters.


C3 Framework for Social Studies State Standards Update

After three years of work, The College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) Framework for Social Studies State Standards will be published this fall. The C3 Framework will be available at no cost on the NCSS website, and for purchase in print.


History Students Request Recognition for Civil War Soldiers

Students in Paul LaRue’s senior honors history class at in Washington Court House (near Columbus, Ohio) are petitioning legislators to grant formal recognition of Ohio soldiers for their service in the 54th and 55th Massachusetts regiments during the Civil War.


Maryland Social Studies Task Force Report

The Maryland Social Studies Task Force has released a report on social studies education in Maryland. Acknowledging the challenges faced by social studies over the past decade, including the unintended marginalization of social studies disciplines caused by NCLB, the social studies task force made nine recommendations in its report that are "intended to reverse social studies’ decline." Key recommendations include establishing standards governing instructional time; administering a statewide social studies assessment in elementary and middle school; increasing social studies course requirements for prospective teachers; and launching a campaign to gain public support for more and better social studies instruction.


Social Studies and NCLB Op-Ed in Atlanta Journal Constitution

The Atlanta Journal Constitution published an Op-Ed in the April 7 issue on NCLB and the importance of social studies in the classroom.


On the Development of State Social Studies Standards

The revision of the Texas social studies standards is generating hot debate and strong opinions, and this is no surprise. Because the subjects that compose social studies touch upon cultural, societal and political topics, social studies generates the most controversy when decisions are made regarding what is taught to students. It is important, therefore, that the development of standards for social studies relies on strong scholarship rather than politics.


Jere Brophy

Jere Brophy, Distinguished Professor of teacher education and educational psychology at Michigan State University and long-time NCSS member died October 15. He was 69 years old. Brophy was a leader in the field of teacher education, and was known for his pioneering research on effective teaching. In 2006, Brophy and Janet Alleman were awarded the NCSS Exemplary Research in Social Studies Award for their research on K-3 students’ thinking about social studies topics in their book Children's Thinking About Cultural Universals.

"As a young teacher in the seventies and eighties, his scholarly work on teacher effects was my first introduction to the applicability of research to the classroom, and greatly influenced my teaching", wrote Michael Yell, middle school social studies teacher and NCSS Past President. "Professor Brophy's influence will continue to be felt in social studies classrooms thoughout the country."

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