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Social Studies Model Curriculum

Fifty-five Missouri educators have developed a Model Curriculum in social studies, which includes the four major content areas of economics, geography, government, and history--both world and U.S. The major goal behind the units is to give districts models they can use when revising their social studies curriculum. This presentation will explain the process and components to the curriculum. The units are aligned with the Grade-Level and Course-Level Expectations and with the English Language Arts Literacy Standards for social studies. The units are being revised based on feedback from teachers who piloted them. The units can be used in their entirety or parts can be adapted to existing curriculum.

Personal Finance for Teens

Learn how to immediately use NEFE's free, noncommercial personal finance materials, including turnkey curriculum for grades 8-12 and other new online resources. Leave with lesson ideas and online resources.

Transaction Costs and Currency: 1808 Road Trip

In this active-learning simulation, students step back in time before there was a uniform national currency. On an imaginary 1808 journey from Richmond to Boston they learn about the transaction costs of currency exchange and the reasons for a national currency.

Poster Session-Big Macs and Foreign Exchange for Global Trade

International trade can be confusing to teach, but by using Big Macs to discuss currency exchange and to lead into other key ideas in economics, students can indeed grasp these concepts.

Poster Session-Social Media: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Fearful of social media taking over your classroom? Want to maintain your positive classroom environment while utilizing innovative technology? Come learn how to successfully use social media in your classroom

Poster Session-Economics Education – A Matter of Survival

Sophisticated understanding of economics and financial markets has become a life skill. Today’s students need to make smart financial decisions into retirement. Economics education really is a matter of survival.

Poster Session-Let's Talk: Debate and Discussion in the Social Studies

Learn a myriad of ways to incorporate mini and large debate and discussion techniques into middle and high school social studies through hands on demonstration and discussion.

Poster Session-Hurry Up and Wait! A Classroom Simulation over Planned Economics

Students often have difficulty connecting various forms of economic systems with supply and demand. This simulation will explore the complexities and frustrations associated with a centrally planned economy.

Poster Session-Using Children's Literature to Teach Elementary Economics

Economics is often an unfamiliar topic for many elementary teachers.This presentation will display popular children’s literature that can be used to teach economics in a fun way to young students.

Poster Session-Opening Doors to Home Ownership: Developing Students' Financial/Economic Literacy

This presentation will feature free interactive web-based resources to develop financial literacy competencies of: earning, spending, saving, borrowing and protecting against risk in aiding students to become informed decision makers.


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