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Session 5.1: A Touchy Subject: Explorations of the "Emotional Turn" and Social Studies Education

America's Center 120

These papers show social studies is a touchy subject" in that it does not shy away from emotionally charged content and, further, in that social studies touches students lives through the subjectivity of its participants with pedagogies and curricula that interrogate how students feel and respond across diverse affective registers."

Chair: Mark Helmsing, Michigan State University
Discussant: Todd Hawley, Kent State University
  • Paper 1: The Emotional Pull of Genocide in the Curriculum
          Rebecca Aguayo, University of Missouri
  • Paper 2: Perpetuating the Cold War Stereotype: Challenging Fear Narratives that Shape "Knowledge" of China
          Amy Mungur, Teachers College
  • Paper 3: The Pedagogy of Bondage: Laboring Over Emotional Memories of United States Slavery in Lincoln and Django Unchained
          Chris Babits, Teachers College
  • Paper 4: An Unteachable Shame?: Exploring the Silenced Narratives of Indian Education in U.S. History Textbooks and Content Standards
          Sarah Shear, University of Missouri
  • Paper 5: On Huts, Houses, and Teepees: Race, Compassion, and the (Unfulfilled) Promise of Anthropology Education
          Mark Helmsing, Michigan State University
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