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Session 3.7

America's Center 126

Chair: John Sturtz, Keene State College
Discussant: Kevin Meuwissen, University of Rochester

  • Paper 1: Examining Power Structures through the Co-Construction of Curriculum in Social Studies Teacher Education
          Scott Wylie, Teachers College
  • Paper 2: Learning How: A Participatory Action Research Study of Collaborative Course Development for Preservice Social Studies Teachers
          Anthony Pellegrino, George Mason University; Peggy Weis, George Mason University; Linda Mann, George Mason University
  • Paper 3: Negotiating the Field: Exploring the Impacts of Moving Teacher Education to the Field
          Elizabeth Kenyon, Michigan State University
  • Paper 4: When do Multimedia Representations of Classroom Practice Encourage Preservice Social Studies Teachers to Rethink Their Views of Teaching?
          Ashley Taylor, James Madison University; Anand Marri, Teachers College; Thomas Hatch, Teachers College; Jay Shuttleworth, Columbia University
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