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Submit a Proposal to Present at the 2017 NCSS Annual Conference

Join your social studies colleagues in San Francisco this November!

Theme: Expanding Visions/Bridging Traditions

Deadline: February 27

Presentation Types

You may propose a presentation in any of the following formats:

  • Pre-Conference Clinic (3 or 6 hours)
    Ticketed half-day or full-day explorations of specific topics. All clinics will be held on Thursday, November 16, prior to the main conference program.
  • Session (1 hour)
    Informal presentations that include opportunities for audience participation. All sessions will be presented on Friday and Saturday.
  • Poster presentation (1 hour)
    An opportunity for presenters to illustrate an innovative lesson, teaching strategy, or research result. All poster presentations will be offered on Friday and Saturday.
  • Power session (30 minutes)
    Short, focused, specific presentations that need little introduction. 
  • Workshop (90 minutes - 2 hours)
    A more intensive format with time for hands-on experiences. 

Conference Theme

Recognizing that social studies instruction is changing at a rapid clip, we aim for a conference that will break boundaries, forge new molds and shape our profession throughout the 21st century and beyond. Global interdependence, information sharing, methods and meanings of work, and social interactions are bringing rapid change.  Our job as social studies educators is to help our students make sense of it all.

So, the essential question that we would like to answer through this conference is, “How can we help our students make sense of a rapidly changing world?”  To do so, we are asking for proposals that will EXPAND VISIONS of what social studies education should look like going forward into this new era.  We are also interested in proposals that BRIDGE TRADITIONS… both our traditions as educators and the social and cultural traditions of our students.  We are open to all submissions, but are particularly interested in proposals that address the following questions:

Media literacy

Does your proposal examine how we prepare educators to integrate media literacy into the social studies classroom to create better informed and critically thinking students?  How can educators help students distinguish fact from fiction?

Teaching students in a rapidly changing world

What does it mean to be a social studies educator in 2017 and beyond?  Which philosophies have guided us in the past? Which ones should guide us in the future? How is civic learning incorporated into the study of both historical and current issues facing students today?

Globalization and global interdependence

How do we present historical, social, cultural, economic, environmental, and geographic issues—and how these issues affect others in a globally diverse world?  What role do social studies educators play in helping students understand our traditions and their traditions?  How do we teach empathy and understanding of cultures, religion, and social structures outside our borders?

Technology and change in the social studies classroom

Can new technologies work in the social studies classroom / environment?  Is technology capable of changing social studies instruction?  How can we explore the social and cultural effects of new technologies?  

Cultivating empathy through instruction

How should we address the cultural diversity of our students, and our country, and provide an inclusive, accepting environment?  Can empathy and understanding be taught, understood and promoted?  How do we educate students to be concerned with worldwide issues such as climate change and nuclear weapons?

Expanding visions/Bridging traditions

Do you have a proposal that doesn’t fit these topics?  Do you have ideas that break boundaries, forge new molds and shape our profession throughout the 21st century and beyond?

Before You Click Submit

Please review our tips on Writing a Winning Proposal

You can also watch this short demonstration on how to craft a conference proposal.

Historically, the acceptance rate for sessions has been approximately 50 percent. For workshops, the acceptance rate has been lower, and for poster presentations higher.

Presentation slots are limited. For this reason, presenters may not appear on the program in more than two presentations.

All proposals will be reviewed blind (with no names attached) and scored by multiple reviewers. The Program Planning Committee will make its selection from the top ranked proposals. We encourage you to volunteer to be a proposal reviewer. There is no better way to hone one’s submission skills.  Remember, reviewers get a discount on conference registration!

Presenter Registration

All presenters are required to register for the conference by the advanced registration deadline (November 13, 2017). NCSS members can currently take advantage of early-bird registration until February 28, 2017. Register now at the lowest rate.  Not a member?  You can join NCSS and qualify for this rate.  Go to to start.  NOTE:  NCSS does not reimburse conference presenters for travel or hotel expenses.

Presentation Materials and Audio-Visual Equipment

Presenters are responsible for providing any materials they plan to use or distribute in their presentation. They are also responsible for the costs of any A/V equipment needed. You will find those costs listed on the proposal form. If your proposal is accepted, NCSS will confirm your audiovisual needs and you will be billed for the options you choose.

Commercial Solicitation

Commercial solicitation is prohibited at all presentations. If you are representing a commercial interest, your presentation must be educational in nature. If the essential purpose of a proposal is to promote books, materials, or services for sale, it will not be accepted.


Acceptance/rejection notification will be sent via email to the primary presenters by the end of May. It is their responsibility to relay that information to all co-presenters. Scheduling information will be sent to all participants during the summer.

Submission Deadline

The submission deadline is February 27, 2017. No proposals will be accepted after this date.

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