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The 96th NCSS Annual Conference is your opportunity to rejuvenate your teaching strategies and collaborate with some of the leaders in social studies education.  When you attend the conference, you will

  • Learn from over 700 presentations by the leading social studies researchers and practitioners
  • Receive classroom-ready resources
  • Interact with well-known speakers and educators as they share their ideas, experiences, and knowledge
  • Share teaching strategies and solutions with peers, building your own learning community around topics that matter to you
  • Discover the latest teaching products and services

Choose from over 700 presentations addressing the conference subthemes:

  • Inquiry in civic learning and current issues
  • Inquiry in current pedagogy of the social studies
  • Inquiry in global learning in today's classroom
  • Inquiry in social justices
  • Inquiry in the future of social studies

Learn more about the conference:

Conference speakers

Vital issue sessions

Pre-conference clinics

AP workshops


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