Common Core Sessions at 2013 Annual Conference

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The 2013 NCSS Annual Conference features more than 100 sessions addressing the Common Core ELA Standards for History/Social Studies, providing classroom-ready resources using social studies content.

Here is a complete list of all conference sessions and poster presentations related to the Common Core Standards, listed by scheduled time and grade level, allowing you to plot out a full schedule of Common Core-related sessions and poster sessions All scheduling information is subject to change

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Friday, November 22


660 Using Primary Sources to Develop Common Core Close Reading Skills

418 Unpacking the Common Core: Informational Text and Elementary Social Studies

783 Primary Sources and LOC.GOV as a Gateway to Common Core

Middle School

900 Susan B. Anthony’s Trial, Social Justice and Common Core Connections

High School

37 Psychology's National Standards and Literacy: Delivering on the Core

780 The Common Core in the History Classroom: Sources and Strategies

385 Reading and Listening with Purpose: Controversial Lyrics and the Common Core

934 Common Core Reading and Writing Skills Taught through Fiscal Policy

76 Using the Accounts of Marco Polo, Ibn Batuta and Xuanzang to Teach World History



889 Introducing "Teaching Reading with the Social Studies Standards"

348 Fighting for Equality: Exploring Civil Rights through the Common Core

443 Not Just Story Time: Read-Alouds in Social Studies and Literacy

167 280+ Ready to Go CCSS K-12 Lessons for Teaching Geography

Middle School

984 JFK, Social Studies, and the Common Core

293 Pop Culture in Social Studies: Using Superheroes to Engage Students

946 Pictures and Poetry in Motion: Using Perspectives to Build Background

246 Questioning Stategies for American History and Meeting the Common Core

High School

389 Teaching Literacy through History: Integrating History and the Common Core

692 Music, TV and Film: Giving History a Modern Feel

367 Teacher Created Concept/Skill Based Curriculum: Finding a Common Ground



456 It's Elementary! A Technology Grab Bag Supporting Common Core Implementation!

468 How to Measure Literacy while Learning Geography

932 Do You DBQ? One District's Leap into Common Core

Middle School

117 Literacy Strategies and Learning Practices in Middle School Geography Classrooms

High School

847 ALL Students Can Make Democracy Work! An Inclusive Legislative Experience

619 Teaching Foreign Policy in AP Government: A Common Core Approach

52 Teaching Project-Based Learning with the Who Speaks? Digital Archive

612 Common Core Collaboration: Supporting Social Studies with Web 2.0 Tools

659 Learning to Write, Writing to Learn, Surviving the Common Core

134 History Repeats Itself in the Classroom too - Hands-On Examples

472 Getting Down to the Core: Analyzing and Developing Arguments



312 Common Core and Disciplinary Literacy in the Social Studies Classroom

248 Social Studies Comes Alive with Common Core

Middle School

466 Successes and Setbacks with Blended Learning in Middle/Secondary History Classrooms

897 Beyond Words: Extending the Model United Nations Simulation into the Real World

247 War News From Mexico: Integrating CCSS, Art, and Historical Empathy

High School

403 A Classroom They’ll Remember: Creating Engaged Citizens while Incorporating the Common Core

63 Using Digital Geo-Tools to Teach Disciplinary Literacy in Social Studies

784 SLAM Dunk: Integrating Social Studies, Visual Arts and Common Core

856 Common Core: Putting the Pieces of the Puzzle Together

908 Using Technology to Teach with Common Core

758 Using Historiography to Address the Common Core Standards

735 Creating your Secondary Psychology Curriculum for Common Core Standards

221 "Citizen Twain": Using Humor and Satire to Effect Social Change



355 Bolstering the Common Core through Social Studies: Meaningful Inquiry-Based Learning

298 Gettin' Crunk with the Common Core

739 Bayou Expedition: Elementary and Middle School Excursions through History/Culture

Middle School

650 Common Core: Integrating and Applying to the Social Studies Classroom

944 Analyze That! Social Studies Literacies for 21st-Century Citizens

High School

533 Government, Assessments, and Common Core: How to Balance it All!

175 Creating a Student-Centered Social Studies Classroom Using Socratic Seminar

119 Literacy in the Social Studies Classroom: Are You Ready?

673 Building Global Perspective: Aligning Short-Term Travel to the Common Core



904 CSI: Compare, Support, Inform-Providing ConTEXT for the Common Core

Middle School

191 Exploring Myths and Reality through the Common Core

732 Urban Social Studies Education and the Common Core

High School

347 Beyond the Walls of Your Government Class

917 Creating Global Citizens

640 Historical Thinking, Media Literacy, and Common Core in 4-12 Instruction

265 Nothing to Laugh about: Using Comics in the Classroom

Saturday, November 23



954 Integrating Elementary Social Studies Instruction in the Common Core Classroom

815 Better Social Studies: Increasing Content Knowledge and Engagement through Reading

Middle School

719 Gateway to Diplomacy: Middle School Model UN, Building Negotiation and Compromise!

148 Using the Renaissance to Unite the Disciplines

High School

176 Sounds around the World: Geography Game for a Global Era

557 Literacy in Geography: Meeting Common Core when Teaching Geography

187 Crossing Borders: Embracing Common Core Standards in Social Studies



227 To the Core: Multicultural Literature, Differentiated Instruction, and Common Core

825 VARKing up the Right Tree—Engaging Students Using VARK Learning Preferences to Master the Common Core

345 Forget Me Not: Reading and Writing Historical Fiction, K-5

Middle School

225 1863: Teaching Common Core with the Civil War’s Defining Moments

372 Essential Understandings from the Smithsonian’s American Indian Museum

930 Investigating Famous Bloodlines: Following the Paper Trail

High School

770 Missing Muslim Heroes: Inspiring Stories You Haven't Heard

185 Engaging the 21st-Century Student in Common Core

909 Common Core: We Have an App for That

800 Reader's Theater: Connecting Literacy and Diversity through Social Studies

341 CCSS Meets the Web: Teaching with Digital Primary Sources



789 Catch The Gingerbread Man and Tackle the Common Core

624 Common Core Interconnections to Geographic Literacy

911 Surviving the Common Core with History's Reality Stars

Middle School

548 Addressing Common Core and NCSS Standards: Power, Authority and Governance

High School

440 To Repair the World: The Importance of International Humanitarian Law

621 The Earth From (Near) Space: Geography and the Common Core


727 Social Studies Common Assessments Aligned to Common Core Assessment Methods



88 One-Stop Shopping: Integrating the Common Core and Elementary Social Studies

487 Geospatial Technology Facilitates English Learners’ Investigations through Language Use

Middle School

425 Currency Notes: History, Economics and the Common Core

392 Getting History Write: Common Core Strategies for Your Classroom

High School

602 Using Primary Sources to Teach the Common Core for Social Studies

778 Challenging Social Injustice with PBS’s POV Documentaries

679 How the Nazis Convinced Germans to Fall in Line Willingly

699 African Americans and Social Justice: Past, Present and Future


Middle School

852 Raising Children to be Global Citizens Takes a Village

648 National Archives - At the Core

368 Inside My New Interactive Notebook: Linking CCSS and Digital Literacy

High School

239 The Bard, the Core, and Global Perspectives in Social Studies

605 Using EDSITEment to Teach U.S. History, Government and Literature


Middle School

428 Making Common Core Commonplace: Using Visuals to Accommodate Literacy Standards

High School

113 Enhancing the Common Core: New Videos from the Federal Reserve

402 Primary Sources for High School Psychology: Adapting the Common Core

182 Common Core: Giving Tools to Think and Write like Historians

272 How Financial Panics Led to the Establishment of the Fed

492 Tackling the Common Core through Integrating History and Literature

Sunday, November 24



110 Professional Juggling Act: Social Studies Content in the Literacy Block

Middle School

964 Energize Me for the Common Core—Brain Breaks for Classrooms!

324 Differentiated Instruction: A Gateway to Success with the Common Core

High School

409 Common Core Literacy and Inquiry Strategies to Investigate Climate Change

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