Common Core Sessions at 2014 Annual Conference

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The 2014 NCSS Annual Conference features more than 100 sessions addressing the Common Core ELA Standards for History/Social Studies, providing classroom-ready resources using social studies content.

Here is a complete list of all conference sessions and poster presentations related to the Common Core Standards, listed by scheduled time and grade level, allowing you to plot out a full schedule of Common Core-related sessions and poster sessions All scheduling information is subject to change

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Friday, November 21

High School

1071 The Chinese American Experience: Sources, Strategies, and Civics in History

1007 Marcellus Shale: Is It all It’s Fracked up to Be?

403 Island of the Blue Dolphins, Digital Archives, and Student Inquiry

364 1861-1863 Congressional Activism: How Legislators Helped to End the Civil War


Middle School

201 Assisting Struggling Readers: Using Informational Texts in Social Studies

764 Common Core, Citizenship and Carbon: Sustainability and Student Engagement


Middle School

788 Making Common Core Real: Using Immigration to Encourage Civic Engagement

283 Developing Connections for Common Core, Cinema, and Character Education

511 A Technological Interdisciplinary Approach to Supporting Disciplinary Literacy

1024 Literacy or Mystery: LDC in the US History Classroom

High School

796 Getting Comfortable with Common Core: Creating Performance Tasks With Ease



920 Low Prep, High Impact Strategies for Teaching Social Studies Inquiry

965 Elementary Geography through Children’s Literature

Middle School

229 Backyard History: Local History Projects as a Vehicle for Inquiry

799 Project Based Learning Using Common Core Standards

609 Boosting Vocabulary for Success with Common Core Social Studies Literacy

High School

1307 Teaching for DEPTH in the Social Studies Classroom


244 Common Core, C3, and Powerful Authentic Social Studies (PASS)



678 Empowering Young Children to Create an Antibiased-Antibullying LGT Understanding Society

704 History or Legend? Kids Exploring the Underground Railroad Quilt Narrative

Middle School

135 Wait...I Teach Language Arts Now? Embracing the Common Core

429 Inquiry on the Intrepid: A Multi-Visit Museum Experience

36 Rock Music: The Common Core Gateway to Social Studies Inquiry

High School

882 Getting to the Core of Media Literacy

205 Banquets through Time

173 Evidence and Argument in Social Studies Inquiries


High School

641 Civic Learning is a Gateway to Common Core

697 The Assessment Resource Center for History (ARCH): Assessing Historical Thinking

420 Understanding the Middle East through Inquiry, Simulation and Media Literacy

956 Warning! Contains Graphic Content: Using Graphic Novels in Social Studies



561 GIS & Web-Based Mapping for Early Elementary Social Studies

Middle School

52 Using Linguistic Geography to Teach African History

High School

772 Senior Social: Instilling Collegiate Level Thinking to High School Students

Saturday, November 22


Middle School

957 Songs of Protest: Teaching Historical Perspective through Music

High School

1058 Active Classroom- Social Studies ReImagined

712 Teaching 20th Century Genocide Using Common Core Tasks


High School

396 Using Civil Discourse to Talk About ANYTHING!



255 Using Picture Books to Teach Civics and the Common Core

High School

811 C3 Symposium (Session 1): Using Global Dialog to Frame Inquiry

1267 Using Maps as Primary Sources in a US History Classroom

364 1861-1863 Congressional Activism: How Legislators Helped to End the Civil War

405 Democratic Classroom Pedagogies and the Common Core



104 Creating Citizens of the World through Picture Books and Stories

Middle School

976 Come & Get It…Serving up CCS in U.S. History

High School

952 Who Am I?

332 Common Core Curriculum Collaborations: You and Your Language Arts Colleague

427 Practical Applications of the Common Core by Real Teachers

826 C3 Symposium (Session 2): Social Studies: Gateway to Common Core

1175 Untold Stories: Using CCSS to Give Voice to Japanese Americans

1306 Taking Informed Inquiry to New Levels with CCSS Digital Strategies


Middle School

248 Introducing VIEW: Visuals + Inquiry + Evidence = Writing

High School

180 The Contemplative Core

450 Smarter Balanced Assessment: The Common Core and History Instruction

29 Murals: A Window into Multi-Cultural America


Middle School

500 Studying the World through Story: Using Fiction to Implement CCSS

1287 Structured Sequencing in Middle School Common Core-Based History Units

352 C3, Literacy Strategies & Learning Practices for Middle School Geography

370 1864: Evaluating William Sherman’s Southern Storm Using Inquiry and Evidence

High School

889 What Would Sitting Bull Say? Native Perspectives for C3/Common Core


938 Professional Development for the 21st Century--Who Built America Badges



385 Common Core and Inquiry-Based Learning: Choosing Sides—Patriot or Loyalist?

High School

1198 Flip Your History Classroom ...Meet CCSS and 21st Century

Sunday, November 23



739 Balancing Act: A Districtwide Approach for Integrating the Common Core

Higher Education

1014 Investigating the American Dream: Preparing PARCC Research Simulations

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