C3 Framework at 2014 NCSS Annual Conference

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The 2014 NCSS Annual Conference will feature many sessions highlighting the exciting, on-the-ground work being done to implement the C3 Framework C3 Framework for Social Studies State Standards in classrooms. Join C3 writers, reviewers, contributors, and practitioners to explore this landmark document and learn how to use the educational principles in your classroom immediately. Don't miss this multitude of events and sessions to learn more about implementing the C3 Framework.

Teaching the C3 Framework: A Guide to Inquiry-Based Instruction in the Social Studies

Friday, November 21, 10:05-11:00AM

The upcoming NCSS Bulletin, Teaching the C3 Framework, with chapters from 15 curriculum partners, is the first comprehensive instructional guide to using C3 in the classroom. This panel will provide an overview of the instructional methods suggested in the Bulletin and descriptions of how their institutions are supporting inquiry in the classroom and the C3 Framework.

Kathy Swan, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY; John Lee, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC; Rebecca Mueller, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY; Stephen Day, North Carolina Council on Economic Education, Raleigh, NC; Michael Simpson, NCSS, Silver Spring, MD

Friday, November 21, 3:10PM

C3 Trending: A Look inside the C3 Framework Ground Game

This session offers snapshots of C3 Framework implementation in three areas of educational practice, state and district efforts, professional development, and teacher leadership. Panelist will share their experiences developing state standards, curriculum, online PD materials, instructional resources, as well as their practices in the classroom.

Facilitated by John Lee, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC and Kathy Swan, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY
Participants: Jennifer Fraker, Kentucky Department of Education, Frankfort, KY; Katie Nease, Rockwood School District, St. Louis, MO; Naomi Coquillon, National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC; Kimberly Heckart, Prairie Ridge Elementary, Cedar Rapids, IA; Stephen Lazar, Harvest Collegiate High School, New York, NY; Donna Phillips, James H. Blake High School, Silver Spring, MD

Saturday, November 22, 10:10AM

The C3 Framework Task Force: Prestigious Partners, Collaborators, and Leaders of Social Studies

Meet members of the civics, economics, geography, and history professional organizations that formed the Task Force of the College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) Framework for Social Studies State Standards. Learn about the powerful role they played in developing the C3 Framework and their ongoing work to support implementation across the nation.

Facilitated by Michelle Herczog, Los Angeles County Office of Education, Downey, CA and Susan Griffin, NCSS, Silver Spring, MD. Panelists: Elaine Carey, St. John's University, Queens, NY; Christopher Caltibiano, Council for Economic Education, New York, NY; Marshall Croddy, Constitutional Rights Foundation, Los Angeles, CA; Brenda Barr, National Geographic Society, Washington, DC

C3 Sessions

Learn how to put the educational principles in the C3 Framework to work immediately in the classroom by attending one or more of these practical presentations on how the Framework looks in action.

Friday, November 21

212 A C3 Challenge: Helping Students Publish Multimedia Arguments

682 New Assessment Strategies for the C3 Framework for Social Studies

571 A Fundamental Right? Brown, Rodriguez, and Educational Equality in America


239 Simulating Legislative Processes Utilizing 21st Century Literacy and Inquiry Skills

437 Using the Digital Public Library of America in the Classroom

1266 Station to Station: Literacy & Inquiry?...It’s in There!

747 Fulfilling a Civic Mission: Arranging for Powerful 21st Century Learning

958 Why are our Playgrounds Broke? C3, CCCS, and Preservice Teachers


120 Social Media Best Practices within a C3 Framework

474 Who to Believe?; News Literacy and the 2014 Elections


244 Common Core, C3, and Powerful Authentic Social Studies (PASS)

1039 AP Economics: Updates, Best Practices for Test Results and C3

308 Three Sweet Tech Tools for Integrating the C3 Inquiry Arc

331 I've Read the C3 Framework. Now What?

339 Social Studies, Portraiture, and the Inquiry Arc

636 Planning around Student Engagement while Utilizing the C3 Framework

965 Elementary Geography through Children’s Literature


1221 Cracking the CIA Code with the C3 Framework

173 Evidence and Argument in Social Studies Inquiries

429 Inquiry on the Intrepid: A Multi-Visit Museum Experience

285 Protesting for Right – Implementing the Making a Change Module


1111 Professional Advocacy: C3 as a Tool for Teacher Empowerment

738 Implementing the C3 Framework: What are the States Doing?

1020 Increasing Civic Engagement through Digital Storytelling

408 APA/TOPSS Psychology Standards: Deepening Scientific Inquiry & Literacy

697 The Assessment Resource Center for History (ARCH): Assessing Historical Thinking

420 Understanding the Middle East through Inquiry, Simulation and Media Literacy

741 No Graphs? No Problem. The C3 Inquiry Model in Economics


202 Living History: History Fair Performance Supports the C3 Framework

561 GIS & Web-Based Mapping for Early Elementary Social Studies

713 Map It Out!

Saturday, November 22

776 Teaching Human Rights within the C3 Framework

674 E2=MC3+C3

320 Teaching Economics Concepts Using Play Dough

1058 Active Classroom--Social Studies ReImagined

1226 Social Studies Strong: Building Literacy Muscle with Primary Sources


630 C3 and Project-Based Learning in Middle School

522 Explore College and Careers: Integrating a Genogram and C3 Framework

185 Cultivating C3 Skills Using C-SPAN Classroom’s Free Primary Source Materials

40 The American Spirit Leads to Civic Responsibility

531 Psychology: Using Informed Inquiry to Promote Good Citizenry

471 Teaching Revolution: The Four Dimensions of the Boston Tea Party


514 Revising Methods Courses Using C3

811 C3 Symposium (Session 1): Using Global Dialog to Frame Inquiry

1238 Using Cognates To Access the C3 Framework for English Learners

1157 Geography Matters: Teaching Global Interdependence

1267 Using Maps as Primary Sources in a US History Classroom

405 Democratic Classroom Pedagogies and the Common Core


584 Materials and Resources for C3 Implementation

513 How to Accomplish Taking Informed Action

158 Teaching Geography Education within a C3 Framework

826 C3 Symposium (Session 2): Social Studies: Gateway to Common Core

1300 NCSS Resources to Support Implementation of the C3 Framework!

987 Continuities and Shifts: One District’s Journey towards C3 Alignment


394 Using the C3 to Revise State Frameworks: Connecticut's Transition

494 The Geographic Lens within the C3 Framework’s Inquiry Arc

830 C3 Symposium (Session 3): Cross-Cultural Source Analysis

248 Introducing VIEW: Visuals + Inquiry + Evidence = Writing

883 Authentic Inquiry: What do Your Students Really Want to Know?

83 Document-Based Questions: Freeing Student Inquiry, Empowering Teachers


833 C3 Symposium (Session 4): Global Dialogue Leading to Informed Action

352 C3, Literacy Strategies & Learning Practices for Middle School Geography

330 Traveling through the C3 Framework: Your Classroom and Beyond

724 It’s Alive! Simulations, 21st Century Learners, and the C3 Framework

889 What Would Sitting Bull Say? Native Perspectives for C3/Common Core

1115 Building Momentum: Getting Teachers Excited about C3

1160 Your Vote is Your Voice: Teaching Voting and Voting Rights

961 Teaching Informed Inquiry with Library of Congress Primary Source Sets

416 iGarden: Planting C3 skills in Grades K-2


742 The C3 Framework: Can It Work with Mandated Curriculum?

Sunday, November 23

758 It's For You Too! Elementary Social Studies, Inquiry, and C3

1014 Investigating the American Dream: Preparing PARCC Research Simulations

1063 C3 Inspired Learning: Redefining How We Do Civic Education

934 Sweet Strategies for Integrating Reading & Writing in Elementary Classrooms

951 Purposeful, Informed, and Reflective Action: How Can We Get There?

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