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Civics & Government

Strengthening Civic and Social Studies Education through Research on Classroom Climate

2013 Jean Dresden Grambs Distinguished Career Research in Social Studies Award Recipient
Presents research on civic education and political engagement conducted in 30 countries; shows the importance of developmental processes as well as democratic school and classroom climates; connects to current reforms.

"I Could Make a Difference": Research and Theory on Fostering Adolescents' Political Engagement and Efficacy

2012 Larry Metcalf Exemplary Dissertation Award Recipient
What does research say about how educators can prepare youth to become actively engaged citizens? This presentation will address this question by examining studies in political science, psychology, and education.

Teaching Social Justice through Literature: Common Core to Common Good

Get young students excited about social justice with books! Participants will explore examples of children's literature that set the stage for early social justice learning and development of civic responsibility.

Transforming Hip Hop: From the Bronx to the White House

Hip Hop has gone from a New York-urban-form of music to an internationally recognized and politically influential method of expression. We plan to show its global transformation and significance.

You Can’t Say That?! Tinker in a Digital World

Does the Tinker standard apply to Facebook? Is off-campus, online speech protected under the First Amendment? Examine contemporary cases to determine if a schoolhouse gate exists in a digital world.

The New Generation of Difference-Makers: Equipping Students for Citizen Action

Students have the passion, energy, and creativity to be difference-makers; this session will help educators equip students with the skills, knowledge, and opportunities to make positive changes in their world.

Energize Me for the Common Core—Brain Breaks for Classrooms!

Explore multiple energizers that lift, soothe, build rapport, or just have fun! Leave this session with classroom activities that can be implemented tomorrow! Move from brain drain to brain gain!

The Case of the Cyberbully: A Multimedia Mock Trial Experience

Learn to engage students in a civil mock trial on cyberbullying–either as jurors or participants, using a multimedia DVD curriculum.

Poster Session-Fostering Critical and Civic Mindsets in the 21st Century

In order for students to become problem solvers, decision makers, and active citizens, authentic democratic processes must be experienced. Participants will gain classroom resources as inspired by Dewey and Freire.

Poster Session-Conquer the Common Core with Literacy Strategies!

Discover how Common Core skills are enhanced through explicit instruction of literacy strategies, creating an environment of collaboration and student achievement in social studies and all content areas.


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