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Civic Literacy

Reinforcing 21st Century Civic Skills: Visual Analysis for Informed Citizenship

Students passively consume visuals around them every day. This session introduces a model of visual analysis to help students become critical thinkers as learners and citizens.

Inquiry-Based Approaches to Teaching Social Studies Curriculum to Pre-Service Teachers.

Students studying to become social studies teachers can develop content area knowledge, disciplinary literacy and teaching methods through inquiry-based approaches in their curriculum and methods coursework within schools of education.

Islamophobia in the Western Media

We will compare and contrast the reporting of the watershed events such as 9/11, The Arab Spring, and the Conflict in Syria in western media with Al Jazeera's reporting.

"Oh Say Can You See" Or Hear Citizenship and Patriotism

"Oh Say Can you See . . . " or hear citizenship in action? Come and engage in classroom-read/tested activities in which citizenship is discussed through reactions to music.

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