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George Washington’s Printed Draft of the Constitution and Mike Wilkins’s [em]Preamble[/em] (Teaching with Documents)

By Lee Ann Potter and Elizabeth K. Eder
A work of modern art humorously highlights the 52 words of the Preamble to the Constitution. A historical document shows, however, that these well known words underwent many changes before reaching their final form.


Using Artifacts to Understand the Life of a Soldier in World War II

By Staci Anson
High school students in New Jersey practice artifact analysis and learn about soldier life in World War II when they interact with wartime relics, including medals, gas masks, ration coupons, and letters home.


Robert E. Lee’s Demand for the Surrender of John Brown

--Daniel F. Rulii
John Brown's raid on Harpers Ferry—considered treasonous by some and heroic by others—helped strengthen the anti-slavery movement. Students can gain a deeper understanding of this event by studying General Lee's demand for Brown's surrender.


Is Free Trade Out of Date?

--Dwight R. Lee
We may never achieve perfectly free international trade, but the struggle to reduce existing trade restriction is a noble one.


Trend Alert: A History Teacher's Guide to Using Podcasts in the Classroom

--Kathleen Owings Swan and Mark Hofer
Podcasts may be useful in the classroom, but teachers need to consider the instructional purpose and context within which they are used.

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