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Researching, Producing, Presenting: Students? Use of Technology for Global Advocacy in the Social Studies

Students have the opportunity to research, create, and present potential solutions to important global challenges when they make their own videos, which many choose to upload to social networking websites.

Far Beyond Show and Tell: Strategies for Integration of Desktop Documentary Making into History Classrooms

Creating documentary productions on computers motivates students and enables teachers to guide student historical thinking skills and practices.

The Constitution by Cell

A pilot program at the National Archives challenges students to determine how certain documents illustrate the Constitution ?in action,? then create digital stories using cellular phones and web tools.
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The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty: Regulating Nuclear Weapons Around the World

An interview with three experts on the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty can serve as a jumping off point to explore with students the legal issues surrounding nuclear weapons.
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Teaching with Data: Using Our Nation?s Statistical Snapshot

Students will learn about the uses of data for research, planning, and policymaking when they review the census from 100 years ago and gather contemporary information about their own households.

Who Will Stimulate the Economic Recovery: A Ghost Story

The authors imagine what two of the most renowned economists in our history might say to Ben Bernanke about promoting economic recovery.

Learning and Writing about Local History Using the Internet

The websites presented here will help educators integrate local history projects that not only stimulate student interest, but build research and presentation skills.

Historic Sites and Your Students

Field trips to historic sites, such as to the house in Colonial Williamsburg of Revolution-era scholar George Wythe, offer students a tangible and physical connection to the past.

Realia: It?s Not Just about Field Trips Anymore

Financial constraints and testing pressures have forced many school districts to cut back on field trips to museums. But with traveling trunks, museums are making sure that students still have access to primary source artifacts.

The WPA American Guide Series: Local History Treasures for the Classroom

The state guidebooks created by writers, academics, and historians under FDR?s jobs program offer a wealth of social history that will lead students to a greater understanding of their own towns as part of the panorama of American history.


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