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Social Education

The World Court in Action: Judging Among the Nations

Reviewed by Kim Bush

Digital Images: Capturing America's Past with the Technology of Today

Michael J. Berson
Students can use digital cameras to explore how their community has changed over time.


Editor's Notebook

Separate Is Not Equal: Brown v. Board of Education Resources—A Guide for Study and Discussion

Alonzo N. Smith
This study guide provides a range of resources in preparation for the fiftieth anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education.


Editor's Notebook

Teaching the Election Process in Ten Days

S. Kay Gandy
These creative lessons teach younger students about political parties and campaigns, the rights and responsibilities of citizens, and the powers of local, state, and national governments.

Who Killed William Robinson? Exploring a Nineteenth-Century Murder Online

Ruth Sandwell
This documents-based history website encourages students to take an active, detective-type role in learning about events, such as a mysterious 1868 murder.


Letter from President Millard Fillmore to the Emperor of Japan

Marvin Pinkert and Lee Ann Potter
A letter from President Fillmore plays a key role in overcoming Japan’s “closed country” policy.

Looking at the Law

Trying Beliefs: The Law of Cultural Orthodoxy and Dissent

James H. Landman
English laws that enforced cultural standards of a religious or political nature had a strong influence on America’s legal system. This legacy continues to affect certain freedoms in the United States today.


Teaching about the Electoral College

David Dulio and the staff of the National Student/Parent Mock Election
When citizens step into the voting booth on election day, they are not actually voting for their candidate, but rather choosing a group of electors. This set of classroom activities explains one distinctively American institution--the Electoral College.


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