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Social Education

The Cherokee Response to Removal

National Museum of the American Indian
This lesson plan offers insight into the Cherokee experience during the native group’s forced nineteenth-century relocation by the federal government in what became known as the “Trail of Tears.”


Sudan Genocide Declaration Stirs the World

PBS NewsHour Extra
What happens once “genocide” is declared? This lesson plan looks at the events in Sudan and at the issue of genocide. Discussion questions lead students to consider what role the international community should play.


The Stock Market Crashes of 1929 and 1987: Linking History and Personal Finance Education

Jane S. Lopus
By tapping into students’ curiosity about the stock market, teachers can motivate them to learn many important personal finance concepts.



Home Grown: Models of Excellence in Teacher-Designed Social Studies Websites

C. Frederick Risinger
This column takes a look at exemplary websites designed by teachers and supervisors that help students with resources, activities, and other course-related information.


Editor's Notebook

Teaching with Documents

Blurring the Lines Between Content and Pedagogy

Avner Segall
While it is common to separate knowledge of teaching and knowledge of content, the author explores whether they can or should be considered distinct from each other.


What Are Mutual Funds?

National Council on Economic Education
Students learn how mutual funds work by forming a class investment club and observing the changes in their stock value over time.


Voting Technology and the Law: From Chads to Fads and Somewhere in Between

Elizabeth M. Yang and Kristi Gaines
A look at current laws and at the evolution of voting technology provides a solid background for a discussion on the integrity of our electoral system.

Looking at the Law

Education and Diversity

James A. Banks, Peter Cookson, Geneva Gay, Willis D. Hawley, Jacqueline Jordan Irvine, Sonia Nieto, Janet Ward Schofield, and Walter G. Stephan
This team of scholars outlines twelve essential principles relating to diversity that can help educational practitioners increase student academic achievement and improve intergroup relations.



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