Social Studies Teacher of the Year Awards

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National Council for the Social Studies honors annually the outstanding performance of teachers, researchers, and other worthy individuals and programs, and has encouraged unique and innovative social studies education projects through its award and grant programs. NCSS serves as an umbrella organization for elementary, secondary, and college teachers of social studies; teacher educators; researchers; curriculum designers; and curriculum specialists. The Council engages and supports educators in strengthening and advocating social studies. Awards recipients receive a $2500 cash prize, commemorative gift, and one-year NCSS membership. Awards winners also present a session on their work at the NCSS Annual Conference.


  • Anyone may nominate a teacher for this award. Self nominations will be accepted.
  • NCSS Membership is required.
  • Social studies teachers for grades K-6, 5-8, and 7-12 who teach social studies regularly and systematically in elementary school settings, and at least half time in middle/junior high and high school settings.
  • Nominees cannot be nominated for the award in more than one category (i.e., junior high/middle school teachers are ineligible for the secondary award).
  • Demonstrated exceptional abilities in at least six of the seven categories listed below:
    1. Develop or use instructional materials creatively and effectively.
    2. Incorporate innovative and verified effective instructional strategies and techniques.
    3. Utilize new scholarship from history, the social sciences, or other appropriate fields.
    4. Utilize the ten interrelated themes identified in NCSS curriculum standards: culture; time, continuity, and change; people, places, and environment; individual development and identity; individuals, groups, and institutions; power, authority, and governance; production, distribution, and consumption; science, technology, and society; global connections; and civic ideals and practices.
    5. Demonstrated ability to foster a spirit of inquiry and the development of skills related to acquiring, organizing, processing, and using information and making decisions related to both domestic and international matters.
    6. Demonstrated ability to foster the development of democratic beliefs and values, and the skills needed for citizen participation appropriate to students' grade level in classroom, school, and community settings.
    7. Evidence of professional involvement in activities such as workshops, curriculum development, committees, and other association activities, etc.

To Apply

Please send 7 sets of the nomination materials listed above (including video/portfolio). Each set of nomination materials should be in a three-ring or similar of binder with that contains subject dividers that identify materials according to the nomination requirements listed above.

  • Cover Page -- [Click here to download][4].
  • Letter of nomination (needed only if someone is nominating you for the award).
  • Letter(s) of Support. Letter(s) supporting your application from your state or local social studies council, and/or from your immediate supervisor with performance responsibility.
  • Vita or Professional Resume prepared by the nominee (listing degrees conferred by U.S. accredited institutions only).
  • _*Current Teaching Assignment. *_Description of nominee's current teaching assignment (to verify eligibility).
  • Applicant Narrative describing how he/she meets all criteria areas listed above (not to exceed five (5) one-sided double-spaced 8-1/2 x 11 pages).
  • _*Supporting Documentation. *_Up to ten one-sided pages of documentation that supports the Applicant Narrative. Evidence might include clear reproductions of newspaper articles, teaching evaluations, and letters of support.
  • Portfolio and/or Videotape, CD or DVD of a lesson or unit plan that was conceived, planned, implemented and measured through learner outcomes that highlight how the applicant has met all seven of the award's teaching criteria and possesses outstanding classroom practices (not to exceed fifteen (15) 8- 1/2" one-sided pages). Please indicate on any discs submitted whether a CD or DVD and make sure

_Review the contents of your submission carefully! Nomination materials that are incomplete or that do not meet the established criteria will not be considered. The selection subcommittee reserves the right to remove from consideration any application that fails to meet all submission requirements. The subcommittee will consider composition, spelling, grammar, etc. in the evaluation process.

** Deadline: Postmarked by April 1, 2008**

Send to:
Outstanding Social Studies Teacher of the Year Award Subcommittee
(indicate Elementary, Middle Level, or Secondary)
National Council for the Social Studies
8555 Sixteenth Street, Suite 500
Silver Spring, MD 20910

All Subcommittee Award Selection Decisions Are Final!

For more information on NCSS Awards and Grants contact Recognition Programs at [[][5]][5].

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