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With Deal, Staff at 2 Struggling Schools in Brooklyn Must Reapply for Jobs

Fri, 11/07/2014 - 8:20pm
The agreement between the de Blasio administration and the teachers’ and principals’ unions came just before a deadline for the city to submit plans to the state for turning around the institutions.

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Motherlode Blog: A Week of the Tried-and-True

Fri, 11/07/2014 - 3:47pm
In today’s episode of “The Triumph of the Well-Stocked Kitchen,” our heroine runs out of bread and chicken broth, but is able to save the day on both occasions. The exciting weekly cooking routine of this mother of four.

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Motherlode Blog: Slower Cabs, and Safer Children: New York City Reduces Speed Limit to 25

Fri, 11/07/2014 - 2:33pm
The families of young victims of traffic violence advocated for a slower speed limit in New York City, and won. Not everyone is happy about it.

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Motherlode Blog: When Library Time Means Screen Time

Fri, 11/07/2014 - 12:24pm
I was hoping my 4-year-old would see the library as I once did, as a hushed building full of endless promise. Instead, it’s become an arcade.

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Motherlode Blog: Your Turn: A Weekend Thread, Open for Comments

Fri, 11/07/2014 - 11:36am
Welcome to Motherlode’s weekly open thread. Do you have thoughts about the news this week, and how it affects families? A question to ask? A rant to share? This is your place. Go.

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Motherlode Blog: Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Forever Stamp

Fri, 11/07/2014 - 10:43am
At the risk of being accused of holiday creep, I have to share these Rudolph, Santa, Hermey and Bumble stamps.

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Motherlode Blog: Dear Teenagers: Come Babysit. Please.

Fri, 11/07/2014 - 9:19am
I get it. You’re busy with iPhones and iPads and WhatApp and whatnot. But couldn’t you do all those things from the comfort of my home for $10 (or so) an hour?

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The Learning Network: Would You Want Your Photo or Video to Go Viral?

Fri, 11/07/2014 - 8:17am
What do you think will happen with “Alex from Target”? Will his viral photo lead to more opportunities than just 15 minutes of fame? Or, do you think Mr. Laboeuf will go back to his normal life, just with a lot more Twitter followers?

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The Learning Network: Teenagers in The Times | October 2014

Fri, 11/07/2014 - 7:28am
A collection of everything published in The Times about young people in October 2014.
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The Learning Network: 6 Q’s About the News | As Myanmar Advances Resettlement Plan, Rohingya Flee

Fri, 11/07/2014 - 4:30am
How should the United States and the rest of the world respond to the treatment of the Rohingya in Myanmar?

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The Learning Network: Test Yourself | Designing a Robotics Lab for ‘Big Hero Six’

Fri, 11/07/2014 - 4:08am
Can you choose the best word to complete each blank?

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The Learning Network: Word of the Day | amorally

Fri, 11/07/2014 - 12:01am
This word has appeared in one New York Times article in the past three years.

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Secret Cameras Rekindle Privacy Debate at Harvard

Thu, 11/06/2014 - 9:34pm
Harvard acknowledged this week that it had used hidden cameras to photograph classes, poking a sore spot created by the news last year that it had searched faculty members’ email accounts.

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Manhattan Preschool Teacher Who Alleged Abuse Sues Over Firing

Thu, 11/06/2014 - 7:25pm
Mariangela Kefalas was fired a week after telling her supervisor at International Preschools that she had seen Malthe Thomsen touching students inappropriately.

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The Learning Network: Text to Text | ‘Little Things Are Big’ and ‘Students See Many Slights as Racial ‘Microaggressions’ ‘

Thu, 11/06/2014 - 5:49pm
Read New York Times reporting on the concept of “microaggressions” alongside a widely-taught 1961 piece by Jesús Colón. Use the two to spark discussions about identity, difference, bias and awareness.

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Motherlode Blog: The Child Who Declares ‘I Want to Be Rich’

Thu, 11/06/2014 - 12:55pm
It’s a statement that makes some parents uncomfortable — what are we teaching them, if that’s the goal? It’s still worth talking about honestly.

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