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Colleges Focus on Alcohol and Drugs as Serious Crime Dips

Education News from NY Times - Tue, 06/10/2014 - 7:21pm
Colleges and universities have become more aggressive about punishing alcohol and drug offenses, even as the rate of serious crime on campus has dropped, according to a government report.

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Writing Centers Seek to Unlock Youths' Creativity

Education Week - Tue, 06/10/2014 - 6:54pm
A national network of after-school tutoring centers that brings a focus on creative writing is reaching a growing number of urban youths.
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U.S. Students Get Top Scores for Sleepiness

Education Week - Tue, 06/10/2014 - 6:53pm
International testing data shows high percentages of American students are in classes where teachers report that sleepiness gets in the way of instruction "some" or a "lot" of the time.
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Teacher, School Accountability Systems Shaken Up

Education Week - Tue, 06/10/2014 - 6:52pm
Many states are moving to delay or alter test-based accountability for schools and teachers, as tests associated with the Common Core State Standards head for debut nationwide.
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Converting Catholic Schools to Charters Draws Scrutiny

Education Week - Tue, 06/10/2014 - 6:51pm
Such conversions are rare, but a number of schools have made the switch in recent years. A study this spring found enrollment grew dramatically following the change
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N.Y.C. Parents Navigate Pre-K Enrollment Maze

Education Week - Tue, 06/10/2014 - 6:45pm
Flush with new state money for 45,000 preschool spots in public schools and community-based centers, New York City is pushing to make sure families know all their options.
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Calif. Pension-Overhaul Plan Has Districts on Edge

Education Week - Tue, 06/10/2014 - 6:41pm
California school districts would see their share of teacher-pension costs more than double to nearly 20 percent under a proposal from Gov. Jerry Brown.
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Gates Foundation urges delay in using tests for teacher evaluation

Education News from Washington Post - Tue, 06/10/2014 - 6:36pm

The Obama administration is resisting mounting calls for a moratorium on using student test scores to evaluate teachers, students and schools.

On Tuesday, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which has invested more than $200 million to create, support and implement the Common Core State Standards, said states should hold off from using new standardized tests aligned to the Common Core to evaluate teacher performance.

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$10,000 Price Tag Put on Nevada Parent's Data Request

Education Week - Tue, 06/10/2014 - 6:35pm
The situation is raising a tangled web of questions about state educational databases, federal student-privacy laws, and common-core standards.
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The Learning Network: Reading List | The Top 100 Best-Selling Education Books of 2014 (So Far)

Education News from NY Times - Tue, 06/10/2014 - 6:27pm
Inspiration for summer reading, compiled by Deborah Hofmann, senior editor of the New York Times best-seller lists.

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Howard U.’s board leaders change, among other shifts at schools in the D.C. region

Education News from Washington Post - Tue, 06/10/2014 - 6:08pm

With the approach of summer, leadership shifts are in motion at colleges and universities in the Washington region, including a switch atop the Howard University Board of Trustees.

Here are some of the notable developments:

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Phila. Funding Crisis Threatens Spread of Innovation

Education Week - Tue, 06/10/2014 - 5:43pm
The city district's attempt to promote new school models and spread promising new practices is at risk of being overwhelmed by a massive funding shortfall.
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District Chiefs Split on Standards Readiness, Gallup-EdWeek Poll Finds

Education Week - Tue, 06/10/2014 - 5:41pm
School superintendents give diverging views on the common core, teacher evaluations, and educational technology in the latest of a series of polls.
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Award-Winning Phila. Teacher Frustrated by Stagnation

Education Week - Tue, 06/10/2014 - 5:40pm
Faced with the possibility of being laid off this summer, the teacher plans to leave the district for an education-outreach job with a university robotics lab.
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Transformation Grant Fuels Overhaul of School's Instruction

Education Week - Tue, 06/10/2014 - 5:39pm
A $1.5 million grant gave a Philadelphia principal considerable freedom to reshape her elementary school's instructional model, staff, and school day.
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Scaling Up New School Designs Through 'A Culture of Sharing'

Education Week - Tue, 06/10/2014 - 5:38pm
A new district staffer helps spread innovative ideas among school leaders and central office staff eager to try new approaches.
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Phila. High School Finds Inspiration to Try Inquiry, 1-to-1 Computing

Education Week - Tue, 06/10/2014 - 5:37pm
With an assist from Science Leadership Academy, teachers are bringing an inquiry-based, 1-to-1 computing initiative to a Phila. neighborhood high schools.
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Hands-On Career Academies Struggle to Get Off the Ground

Education Week - Tue, 06/10/2014 - 5:36pm
Funding is needed to balance investments in new models with support for promising work in existing schools, says non-profit head.
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Virginia statewide school takeover board ruled unconstitutional by Norfolk judge

Education News from Washington Post - Tue, 06/10/2014 - 5:34pm

A Norfolk Circuit Court ruled Tuesday that a statewide school takeover board created by the Virginia General Assembly to manage struggling schools is not constitutional.

Judge Charles E. Poston said that Virginia’s constitution vests the authority to establish school divisions in the Board of Education, not the General Assembly, and gives local school boards the authority to supervise the schools.

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What's in It? : The Domino’s Smart Slice Goes to School

Education News from NY Times - Tue, 06/10/2014 - 4:53pm
These pies contain fewer worrisome ingredients, but they also give students a hefty dose of marketing in the lunchroom.
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