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Get to Know NCSS' New Staff Members

NCSS is pleased to welcome two new to our staff: Ashanté Horton and Jordan Grote! Ashanté is Program Manager, Conference Services and Education succeeding Daniela Jaramillo who left NCSS in the spring to return to Equador. Jordan is Program Manager, External Relations and Council Communications filling the position previously held by Kristen Pekarek who left NCSS to join the staff of ASCD.


NCSS Constitution (bylaws)

1. Articles of Incorporation and Constitution

National Council for the Social Studies will promote the full and active participation in the social studies profession of men and women from all levels of education, all ethnic groups, and all geographic areas, urban, rural, and suburban. In all policies and activities, every effort will be made to achieve this goal. Additionally, as the NCSS mission statement affirms our commitment to engaging and supporting educators as they strengthen and advocate social studies, every effort will be made to

HOD 2011 Information for Affiliate Councils

The 55th House of Delegates Assembly will take place Friday, December 2, 2011 and Saturday, December 3, 2011.

Quick HOD Background for New Leaders:

2010 House of Delegates Resolutions

Resolution 10-1-1
Promoting Citizenship through Philanthropy

SPONSOR: Wisconsin Council for the Social Studies

COSPONSOR: The Association of Teachers of Social Studies / United Federation of Teachers – New York City (ATSS/UFT), New York State Council for the Social Studies

2009 NCSS House of Delegates Resolutions

RESOLUTION # 09-01-1

Sponsored by: OHIO CSS
Co-sponsored by: Georgia CSS, New Mexico CSS, Kansas CSS, Tennessee CSS, ATSS/UFT, North Carolina CSS, South Carolina CSS, New York CSS, Alabama CSS, Mississippi, California, Missouri

NCSS House of Delegates

The NCSS House of Delegates (HOD) is composed of representatives of NCSS affiliated councils, associated groups and communities. The sessions of the House of Delegates held in connection with the major annual meeting constitutes the annual business meeting of the House of Delegates.

NCSS Board of Directors Application for Nomination

NCSS is seeking members for challenging leadership positions that affect local, state and national social studies education. The NCSS Nominations and Elections Committee is currently accepting applications for nomination for candidates for NCSS Vice President and the Board of Directors.

Candidate Information
Please enter your full mailing address
Which phone number do you prefer to be reached at?
Please upload a 1-4 page resume or curriculum vitae.
Files must be less than 19.53 MB.
Allowed file types: rtf html odf pdf doc docx mp3 bz2 gz tar zip .docx.
Please indicate the board position for which you are applying to be a candidate.
What is the most significant issue currently confronting social studies education and how would you address this issue? (200 word limit) This statement will be published in ballot materials in the event you are selected to be a candidate.
Please submit a 200 word biographical sketch in a narrative format that includes both personal and professional information. Include experiences you have had at the local, state, and national levels that have prepared you for this office. (200 word limit) This statement will be published in ballot materials in the event you are selected to be a candidate.
Describe experiences you have had at the local, state, and national levels that have prepared you for this office.
Provide the Nominations and Elections Committee with at least three references for your candidacy for Board of Directors. It is your responsibility to distribute a reference form to your references. Evaluation forms may be sent directly from references to NCSS. Click Here to Download Reference Form (pdf)
Reference 1
Reference 2
Reference 3
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Nominations for NCSS Board of Directors

NCSS is seeking candidates for Vice-President, and the Board of Directors. Nominees are also needed for the Fund for the Advancement of Social Studies Education (FASSE) board. You may nominate yourself, or recommend a colleague member who has experience as an affiliate council or associated group leader. Recommendations may be sent to any member of the nominations committee.



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