Education Report: September 19, 2008

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Please see the Education Report for September 19, 2008, below courtesy of Washington Parters for insight into the current public policy debate surrounding education and an update on the current situation in Congress.

You will notice that Congress is consumed with the financial crisis, the oil controversy, and the challenge of putting together a continuing resolution (CR) by the end of the week.

Highlights of potential interest in terms of education policy include:

  1. Passage of the No Child Left Inside Act

  2. A public meeting of the Financial Literacy and Education Commission

  3. The first meeting of the the Department of Ed's National Technical Advisory Council (NTAC) that was set up to look into issues surrounding assessments and accountability, and, ultimately, to recommend improvements to NCLB.

Be sure to scan the "In the News" and "New Publications" sections for other articles and resources that might be of interest.

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