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World History

February 20, 2018 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm

Analyze how historical events, population and demographics, land use, natural hazards, and economics have effected local and global changes using free,web-based Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and mapping tools.


AP® World History Skill-Building with Strayer

Two co-authors of the Teacher's Edition for Ways of the World discuss and demonstrate their favorite lessons and how they teach historical thinking and writing skills to advanced learners.

Content is not Curriculum: Making and Using the Best in OER

Learn about the lessons of the Big History Project as an effort to create a great OER course. How should we think about skills development as in the Inquiry Arc? How will teachers come to understand and improve these materials? How do OER communities become communities of practice?

Impacting Student Writing and Thinking: Big History Project Teachers Perspectives

Content is not curriculum. Developing student practices in writing and thinking requires consistency, clarity, and strong pedagogical thinking. Professor Bob Bain and teachers from the Big History Project will discuss their approaches (and successes) in using BHP course resources to teach wide range of students to "think on paper."

Teaching about Asia in the Digital Age

The Asian Art Museum and National Consortium for Teaching about Asia will introduce teachers to high quality, peer-reviewed, online resources to support teaching and learning about Asia.


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