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World History

Using Comics in the Classroom

Explore how comics, graphic novels, and histories can be used in the classroom to hook and inspire students to dig deeper into historical topics.

Creating an Authentic History Museum

Discover how a classroom museum using inquiry and research can transform your classroom into a learning environment where students act like historians to create exhibits based on content area topics.

Leveraging Current Events to Teach the Past: Korea

Explore how to leverage current events in Korea to engage students in historical thinking and connect the past to today through instructional and assessment materials based on primary/secondary sources.

Connecting your Students with Real World Solutions

Drawing connections between present-day news and real historical problems has never been more important. Empower your lesson plans with strategies to help your students analyze and discuss political issues.

The Great Terror: Then and Now

Examine the impact of communism in the Soviet Union, China, and North Korea, using photos, testimony, and literature.


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