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World History

Teaching the EU: Bringing Modern Europe to your Classroom

This webinar hosted by staff from the European Union (EU) festures educators who have successfully incorporated EU topics into their U.S. courses. You will learn about curriculum resources available for teaching the EU, and tips to implement these learning tools in your classroom! 

This webinar provides following tools and resources.

May 7, 2019 - 7:00pm

History and social studies educators often face the challenge of how to engage in the study of difficult histories with students. Although best practice in the field of Holocaust studies maintains that primary sources should be a central component of any study of the Holocaust, research demonstrates that most high school history and social studies teachers feel unprepared to teach the subject both in regards to historical content, and curation of primary sources. 


Leveraging Current Events to Teach the Past: Korea

Explore how to leverage current events in Korea to engage students in historical thinking and connect the past to today through instructional and assessment materials based on primary/secondary sources.

Creating an Authentic History Museum

Discover how a classroom museum using inquiry and research can transform your classroom into a learning environment where students act like historians to create exhibits based on content area topics.

Using Comics in the Classroom

Explore how comics, graphic novels, and histories can be used in the classroom to hook and inspire students to dig deeper into historical topics.


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