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World History

Time Traveler's Guide to Vietnam: Fantasy Draft 1965

Explore the Vietnam era and experience a path chosen for you. Get drafted: go to Vietnam or burn your draft card. Stay home: protest the war or join Nixon’s Silent Majority.” Trasa Cobern, Allyson Mather, Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISD, Bedford, TX 1313 2019-1313 2019 TXCSS Made in Texas: Primary Social Studies Manipulatives Session Texas History Elementary Make student and group manipulatives based on K-2 TEKS with provided materials. Hands-on strategies engage learners while connecting foundational TEKS social studies concepts. These tested and effective tools make primary social studies instruction memorable and fun. Dinah Zike, Judi Youngers, Dinah-Zike Academy, San Antonio, TX 1314 2019-1314 2019 TXCSS Engage, Build Connect! Using the 5E Model to Create Experiences for Learning Session US History 6-12 Experience the keys to creating a successful unit. Learn how to help students engage with the content, build background knowledge, and make big picture connections across history. Discover the importance of creating learning experiences for student to make difficult concepts stick. Lindsey Stevens, Nakesha Smith, Kevin LaFollett, Emily Elliott, Katy ISD, Katy, TX 1315 2019-1315 2019 TXCSS Increasing Student Engagement and Logical Reasoning Skills with Test Items Session US History 6-12 Learn collaborative strategies that increase student-student talk and promote higher-level reasoning. These easy-to-use strategies build a more engaged class culture while supporting instruction and practice in answering high stakes test questions, important since STAAR tests are thinking tests. Andrew Roberts, Sirius Education Solutions, Austin, TX

Upstander Behavior: Modeling Activism and Agency in History

Learn about Upstanders during the Holocaust who leveraged their agency against a totalitarian and genocidal regime to fight for basic rights and human dignity. Examine the activism of American Upstanders who worked to repair injustices in American society.

Latinx Representation in Curriculum Through Museum Resources

Discover Latinx programming and bilingual Spanish/English resources available and created by the Holocaust Museum Houston. Learn the importance of inclusion in museum spaces and the enhancement of academic learning through representation. Gain insight on the use of non-traditional resources that connect back to the classroom.

That's an Assessment?

Find quick and easy assessments that you can use in your classroom immediately. Learn about several ideas that take a class period or less, including the use of technology, simple pen and paper, and ways to differentiate for all levels of learners.

Teaching Uncomfortable Topics in Social Studies

Banish your fears of teaching those uncomfortable and sensitive topics. Learn how to tackle these issues with a planning process that incorporates inquiry and primary sources, and receive model lessons.

Using Korea to Teach Content and Skills in AP World

Explore the complicated historical and geographic context of Korea's rapid economic development...with student-friendly resources! Free AP World History instructional resources aligned to the new framework will be shared.


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