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Religion, Social Studies and You III (Webinar Series)

February 16, 2017 - 7:00pm EST to May 11, 2017 - 8:00pm EDT

What if everything you knew about Hinduism was wrong? What lessons have been learned from controversies around the country in World Religions Classes, like field trips, guest speakers, or trying on burkas?  This three-part webinar series answers these questions, provides teaching resources and expands upon the 2015 and 2016 Religion, Social Studies and You webinar series focusing on ways to incorporate inclusive pedagogical approaches for addressing different faith traditions and cultures in the classroom consistent with the First Amendment.

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$45 NCSS regular members / $95 NCSS nonmembers
Registration also includes access to past and current series webinar recordings and materials. 

February 9: What if Everything You Knew about Hinduism was Wrong? (Recording and Materials Available)

Presenters: Murali Balaji, director of education and curriculum reform, Hindu American Foundation; and Christopher Murray, world religion and world history teacher, Walter Johnson High School (Bethesda, MD)

This session helps teachers understand some of the common misconceptions when teaching about Hinduism. It goes over Hinduism’s core philosophies, as well as important points to keep in mind when discussing the religion and social practices in India. Teachers will be equipped with new teaching strategies, as well as updated, accurate, and culturally competent resources for their classrooms.

February 16: Field Trips, Guest Speakers, Trying on Burkas? Lessons Learned from Controversies around the Country in World Religions Classes

Presenter: Linda K. Wertheimer, author of Faith Ed, Teaching About Religion In An Age of Intolerance (Published by Beacon Press)**

Educators are teaching about religion in an increasingly volatile atmosphere. Islamophobia is on the rise as are incidents of anti-Semitism. Many Americans do not even know it’s legal to teach about religion. In recent years, uproars over world religion lessons, particularly on Islam, have caught teachers and school systems by surprise. In many cases, teachers had used the same activity for a decade, including letting students try on burkas and hijab. Should teachers avoid dress-up exercises, field trips and guest speakers? Or can they put in safeguards to avoid controversy? In this webinar, teachers will learn what has tripped up other educators and debate how they would confront a real-life dilemma in the classroom.

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May 11: Resources for Teachers (provided by interfaith coalition “Know Your Neighbor” partner organizations) 

Presenters: Kate Chance, Islamic Networks Group and Murali Balaji, Hindu American Foundation

Many teachers are hesitant to discuss religion in schools for fear of violating first amendment guidelines, so several interfaith organizations across the nation have put together curriculum safe for educators to use in their classrooms. We will highlight resources available from some of the most prominent interfaith organizations in this country which unite under the Know Your Neighbor coalition, which launched at the White House late in 2015 and includes over 30 organizations.