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US History

Listen Up: Studying the American Labor Movement Through Oral Histories

Cheryl Mason Bolick, Lisa Norberg, and Dayna Durbin
A growing collection of digitized oral history interviews on topics such as labor, civil rights, and women’s issues, allows students to hear firsthand about the experiences of individuals during critical periods in American history.

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Ford: Not a Lincoln but a Hayes? A Lesson in History and Political Science

By John A. Donnangelo
What makes a president successful? This article evaluates the presidency of Gerald Ford in the light of four theories by political scientists on presidential performance, highlighting one of them.

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Letters from George Washington and Samuel Cabble, and Speeches by Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy

By Lee Ann Potter
Students will grapple with what it means to “embrace the future” when they study primary documents related to four noteworthy individuals who embraced the future in distinct ways.

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