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President’s Message: Cherry Blossoms

Terry L. Cherry

As I’m writing this first message as President of NCSS, I imagine a lot of you are doing something similar: you’re participating in a professional learning seminar, traveling on an educational tour, or taking a college course to advance your degree. When you return to your classroom, you will have digested your summer knowledge and be ready to apply it to the classroom. What a great example of dedication and love of occupation.

My hope is that you will also be making plans to attend the 97th NCSS Annual Conference in San Francisco November 15–19, 2017. The preconference meetings (15-16) are vital to these associated subgroups [] of NCSS:

* Council of State Social Studies Specialists (CS4)
* College and University Faculty Assembly (CUFA)
* International Assembly (IA)
* National Social Studies Supervisors Association (NSSSA)

This year’s Annual Conference will have some new ideas, concepts, and different looks. Please check the NCSS webpage for the Conference [], and make us a friend on Facebook [], and follow us on Twitter []. Make your reservation for a half-day or full-day tour—before the spaces are filled—at

If you blog about your own upcoming presentation at the Annual Conference, do more than just list the session title. Rather, write substantially about your topic (up to 300 words) and include a link to an interesting online resource. Blogging at  will draw participants to your session. 

At any time during my year as President, I would appreciate any feedback you may want to provide, with regard to this conference or in any aspect of our association’s projects and actions. The best way to reach me is by email, at My belief is that NCSS members have ideas, thoughts, and opinions regarding their organization. I want to hear from you and share your comments with the Board of Directors.  I’m interested in what you like, and what changes you would like to see happen. Also let me know if you have any "What were they thinking?!" experiences.

To accomplish this goals of participation and better communication, I ask you to participate in an informal survey by answering the following question:

"If I were president of NCSS, I would ...... "

Send your response in 50 words or less to me at Please include your name, where you live and teach, and your educational position or title. Tell me about how long you’ve been a member of NCSS. I like hearing from both new and long-time members.

I’m not promising I will be able to make every suggestion part of NCSS policy, but I do pledge that I will read your emails and take each one under consideration. Please let me hear from you. NCSS is our organization. When NCSS members, staff, and board work together, then students, teachers, and education in America will benefit.

In his Inaugural Address, President Trump said he wanted the government to be that of the people. Whether you approve or disapprove of the president, his concept of having people involved in the government is an example of democracy and encouraging people to become involved. I would like the concept of member involvement to be one of the focus points of NCSS. I am anxiously awaiting your response.                  

—Terry L. Cherry,