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Japan-U.S. Information and Communication Technology Teacher Exchange Program

May 23, 2019
August 1, 2019

The Japan-U.S. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Teacher Exchange Program provides the opportunity for U.S. grades 7-12 teachers to participate in a five-day conference in Hawaii in August 2019. The theme is Space and Earth - utilizing ICT in the classroom. During the conference, 15 U.S. teachers along with 15 Japanese teachers will work together in order to first, gain multiple perspectives on the Japan-U.S. relationship focusing on the shared academic fields of interest between the two countries and second, to develop skills in incorporating ICT into their classroom teaching.

The program is open to teachers from all disciplines, as long as applicants can demonstrate ability to apply “Space and Earth” to their own subject. Science and math teachers may have numerous examples of relevant applications, but the topic has many examples of cross-disciplinary approaches such as history, geography, food education, life science and more. Some examples may include:

  • A social science class discussing international space treaties and how to regulate them.
  • A history class analyzing the societal implications of Galileo’s discoveries.
  • A creative writing class where students write fiction and poetry based on field trips and lab discoveries.

Please visit the program website at for more information or to start an application. The deadline to apply is May 23, 2019. Please contact with any questions, and see below for further information.