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Imagine the Future (Kid Museum)

October 20, 2017
It's not too late to enter our Imagine the Future - Youth Video Challenge! The Kid Museum at Davis Library (Bethesda, MD), in partnership with the Arthur C. Clarke Foundation, "invites kids ages 11-18 to visualize how they would make the world a better place by 2042. In the spirit of Clarke, who used film and storytelling to imagine the future, kids are asked to submit a short video demonstrating an imaginative solution to a future problem, using science, technology, art, or design. It's free, fun and easy for kids to take part in—as simple as using a smartphone for a video recorder."

Challenge finalists will win:
Scholarship prizes (ranging from $500 - $2500)
Filmmaking mentorship
Three-day trip to Washington, DC
Film screening at the Arthur C. Clarke Foundation Centenary Event

We encourage kids to let their imaginations run wild; the results might just be out of this world! Learn more at Submissions are due Friday, October 20, 2017.
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