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Technology and Change in the Social Studies Classroom

Budget Maze: Help Students See the Trees and the Forest

To expand visions of social studies education going forward, educators will overcome barriers in content and pedagogy. Often separated and isolated by subject, many students miss connections among disciplines.

From Traditional to Virtual: A Case Study

This session will focus on how to transform traditional high school classes into complete online courses. It will include perspectives from administrators, counselors, the school librarian, teachers, and students.

3D Printing in the History Classroom

Discover how students in a middle school history classroom are creating 3D models which are then printed on a 3D printer and incorporated into the curriculum.

Who is the 21st-Century Teacher?

Teachers are the determining factor that can equip students with the required skills necessary to be successful members of society or cripple them. Who is the 21st-century learner? The teacher.


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